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Re: The Girl(s)
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it has come to my attention my brother invictus has denied me as his sister on another community which I am not apart of

i am his sister

he has kicked me to to curb like trash since I have come out with the truth about my past as a seven year child

i am broken hearted over this

I have never understood this in my own life, Ivy.  When I spoke out, only one family member expressed sympathy on their face, right before running to the dictionary to make sure I was using the term 'molestation' correctly and legally.  The others either completely ignored me or offered reasons why I was to blame at both 8 and 12 years of age.  I wish I could explain why your brother is reacting this way.

My heart hurts for you, and even though I am only just now seeing this a few weeks after you've written it, I hope you have been able to find someone who can help guide you through all the new feelings that are coming out in your life.  I'm sorry about your brother.  :(
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Re: The Girl(s)
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Well, I just read the other thread titled "invictus."  In it, I read Invictus' words, and I will admit I am left scratching my head.  Invictus was a good person to me personally on the old FFF (I mentioned earlier that I am Mrs. Soprano).  Rude, crude, and yes, at times, socially unacceptable, but I've never known him to be a liar.

I have a difficult enough time as it is dealing with the topic of this thread, and thinking that my emotions/heartstrings may have been "played," well, that's just it's own form of manipulation. Shame on you, whoever you are.

And if everything you've said about your abuse is indeed true, please, please, please go and get some real help.  If it's not true, well, you still need some help, except for other reasons.


Re: The Girl(s)
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i wish others could see it that way...  and i wish they could see a little bit more too... ...  . in another thread a small group of guys is arguing that registered sex offenders (which is what schaap will be when he gets out of prison).. should be brought right back into the church and given another chance... ..  put back into membership, and (from the sounds of it).. back into fellowship with the same people they, or others like them, abused... ..  .

none of those same guys wanted to blame the girl in this thread... but i wonder if now , since they are arguing for registered sex offenders rights in the other thread, .. if they would like to seat ex-con mr schaap next to this girl in church, 12 years from now, when he changes from prison issue duds into civilian clothes and walks back out onto the street again?... ....

i almost deleted that post last night.. ..   the one you replied to above... . i;m seeing what people meant when they said the more things change in fundamentalism the more they stay the same.. . .old guard out and new guard in....  except it doesn;t even look like the uniforms are different this time... ..  and the marching songs are all the same too.... . it;s a very sad thing to see....

It is of interest to note that while discussing it on my FB wall, none of my non-IFB friends ever questioned that it was on JS to be the adult in the situation.  None. Nada.

I should *also* note, however, that a great many of my IFB friends didn't ever question whether it was all on JS or not.  Of those that did question, though, or who said, "Sure it was Jack's fault, but," they fell rank and file within my more religious group of friends.