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  • Standing Ovation? +195/-7
Very helpful book on understanding Arminian theology.

"So, why is a Calvinist recommending this book? It does an excellent job of fairly defining the issues involved. And, while I ended up disagreeing with the theological system it supports, I gained a real respect for my Arminian brothers and sisters in Christ by reading it. My guess is that many in the Calvinist camp do not have a fair appreciation for authentic Arminianism - they will likely gain more respect for those they disagree with by reading this. Both sides could act more Christian by interacting with the actual theologies of the other camp as opposed to straw men often constructed by both sides."

"Variety of translations is profitable for finding out the sense of the Scriptures." Augustine
"Love the Scriptures, and wisdom will love you." Jerome
"Even boys who are brought up learning the Scriptures, become most religious." Julian