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"And they call *ME* crazy?"


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I guess I'm missing something here... GSBC has a history of letting people go who haven't followed their rules of ministry.  The guy prior to this latest one was fired (or allowed to resign) because he hadn't alerted them to Mike Zachary.

And this last guy was fired ('scuse me, "resigned") because accusations surfaced?  This doesn't seem like sufficient cause to let someone go.  Thus, I think that I've missed something - is there evidence to support the accusation? Did he admit wrongdoing?

I believe he did admit wrongdoing that is why he was fired, and because of a criminal investigation.

Zachary was a different story. There was a quick investigation that opened up at Lancaster but it was closed immediately because nothing close to a crime was found. The only reason he was fired/let go is because he had a rather close relationship with another male student/staff member prior to arriving at Lancaster which Chappell didn't know about. Trieber didn't know about this as well, happening under his watch at Golden State. The only people that knew were Zachary, the other male, and Boruff. The Zachary incident became controversial because of the cover-ups that occurred after his employment was terminated because neither schools wanted to be embroiled in a scandal. That is because both schools are heavily homophobic in their rules of ministry. He's just gay but thinks its wrong to be gay probably.

Thanks for the clarification
I highly doubt that Mike Zachary is anything but a highly moral, upright Christian man of God.  The insinuations do not ring true.  He is married with a wonderful family.  Unless proven otherwise, it would bevSatan's win to downtrod someone of Mike's character.  I went to HAC with Mike, known to be highly ethical, concerned about God's will in his life. Spreading gossip that is not known to be true is what is wrong with this world.  It is not Biblical.

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