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Re: Why I Thank God for Gail Riplinger (and the FFF)
« Reply #10 on: March 18, 2019, 12:41:41 PM »
Would you be willing to contact this man and go on with him and discuss the problems you have with her books?

Oh, oh! All is not well in KJV Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Remember how Biblebeliever used to post YouTube videos from Bryan Denlinger? I wonder why he doesn't do that any more? Could it be because Denlinger has gone full-bore heretic, denying the Trinity, abandoning the church, and using the Bible to justify his racist tirades against interracial marriages.?

Anyway, ol' Dunglicker has started raving about Robert Breaker and his "false gospel" now - he even did a marathon live stream "exposing" him. Here he is complaining that RationalWiki has fifty pages on himself but none on Breaker:

But note he's too dumb to notice that he's showing the Wikipedia page. Breaker at least he rates a mention on RationalWiki's King James Only page as a Rickman disciple. Well, no one ever accused a KJV-onlyist of being  a genius. Except another KJV-onlyist, maybe.

Good to know you're a Denlinger fan.  Somebody needs to keep an eye on that guy.
"And they call *ME* crazy!"