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I'm friends with a former member of the  church he currently pastors and they all just found out. They leave behind a nearly 2 year old son. As much as I hate what Phelps allowed to happen with Tina Anderson, my heart absolutely breaks for their family. Please keep them in your prayers. 


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I knew Chuck Phelps both in NH and in Indy.  He's spoken at our church.  He's always struck me as one of the most gracious people I've ever met and he really seems to love his family.
Praying for him and all the people at that church.
Converts not casualties.  There is a difference.


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Any time someone is killed it is a terrible lost for the families left behind.  Praying for all involved


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Such a tragedy.  May the Lord give comfort to the grieving ones.


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Praying for the family.


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I heard about this at church this morning from our guest speaker. If I understand correctly, Courtney Phelps is his wife's niece.
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