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    Coronavirus Recoveries

    Being a former resident of Alton, THIS does not surprise me!
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    Coronavirus Recoveries

    They'd have to test it, and the only way they'll test around here right now is if you come in half-dead. That's why I said I can't prove it. At the very least, I assume I've been exposed somewhere in all this mess (wife or no wife).
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    Who do they think they are?

    Our old non-denominational church where we were living FINALLY stopped having services this Sunday after the first COVID-19 patient was identified in the county. It's an odd church, a merger of a Baptist and a Full Gospel church. When the churches over here in the St. Louis area were moving to...
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    Coronavirus Recoveries

    I am almost certain that my wife and I fit into that category. She manifested all the symptoms for about a month and a half; it took her that long to see the physician because she was a "new patient". During that time she'd been to Urgicare twice and they gave her medicine for the symptoms...
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    Coronavirus Recoveries

    I haven't heard in the news how many have recovered in Illinois, but I do know personally of three via Facebook, all three being acquaintances of mine. One is a SB pastor who contracted the virus on a mission trip to Ukraine; the other is a Methodist pastor and his wife. All three are doing...
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    Online services.....a "sort of" rant

    The Methodists were working on that, but the COVID 19 thing shut down this year's general conference because the Minneapolis venue cancelled all events for the summer.
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    Coronavirus and closings, your thoughts?

    Not talking specifically about the one I attend, more a statement in general. There are a lot of "crappy churches" out there...
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    Coronavirus and closings, your thoughts?

    First, in our church we don't really use the strict definition of "tithe" as 10%. Second, we are a very, very small congregation.
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    Coronavirus and closings, your thoughts?

    Our church in all likelihood will not survive this. The pastors are hoping the tithes keep coming in while the services are shut down, because that's the only way they will keep the doors open. At the same time, I run an outreach program for the poor and needy and I'm trying to look ahead in...
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    Those Lesbian Gospel Singers....

    Heh heh...hey Beavis, "below deck", heh heh...
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    The "Fruit" of Fruitcake Preachers

    Except Mayor Kane would simply chokeslam the LGBT one at a time...
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    Can't The SBC Have Fun Too?

    SEE!  I told you I was raised a Freebird!!!!
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    The Dimbulb Present of Some Fundamentalists

    I pointed that out to a FB friend who posted something from Gothard on his page, and his response was "Satan will do anything to discredit somebody who's standing for God." Yeah, that ended well.
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    The New IFBs... not new, just dumbed down

    Also note that the #1 church in their directory is St. Spammy's Cathedral.
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    The New IFBs... not new, just dumbed down

    I would suspect the "post-trib" and the "anti-Zionist" are the points at which they can claim they're not dispensationalists.