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    List Best Reasons to Vote for Biden/Harris

    There is probably no good reason to vote for Biden, if God wants him as president than so be it..He has put worse in positions of authority than sleepy Joe.
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    For the formerly IFB-where did you go after leaving?

    Not a member, but occasionally attend a small conservative baptist church that has about 20 members with 16 being over 80 years old and a couple pushing 90. No drama there..people too old for typical IFB shenanigans.
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    Defamation Lawsuit

    It might, I just like to be hopeful and not a Debbie downer.
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    Defamation Lawsuit

    Well at least you have gone from fake news to it will likely be thrown out...guess I will have to dust off my old pacer account to follow up on status.
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    Defamation Lawsuit

    They do have the default graduating seniors from their academy as new students for the college, to go elsewhere would mean instant shunning.
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    Defamation Lawsuit

    Cameron--No comment.
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    Defamation Lawsuit

    I'm not sure if the college is up and running or not...I have seen the mobile trailers that I guess are dorms or class rooms on the property from the road that runs near the church, but I'm not welcomed to stop in to check it out. The church building itself is very oddly shaped...looks like a...
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    Defamation Lawsuit

    Yes, the rebranded Berean Baptist Church.. Immanuel Baptist run by the peeping pastor himself..Greg Neal here in Jacksonville, Florida.
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    Defamation Lawsuit
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    New leadership at NFBC

    Cameron and Immanuel Baptist church being sued by Sarah Jackson for defamation.
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    Bud Calvert's Son

    Wow, having been a member of this church during some of this time period, I am shocked to hear Becky's side of the story...well considering what I have seen at other IFB churches I have attended, this is par for the course I suppose.
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    Do you identify as a Fundamental Baptist

    I identify as a non-binary christian.
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    (Pastor) Cameron Giovanelli pleads guilty today

    Cameron's current status..... Offender Name: GIOVANELLI, CAMERON SHANE Custody Status: In Custody Age: 42 Location: Baltimore County Detention Center Race: White Contact Facility: Offender ID: 466589 Gender: Male Date of Birth: 06/29/1977 Additional Information:
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    (Pastor) Cameron Giovanelli pleads guilty today

    Actually the wire-tapping scenario was my second thought after christian mercy.  Maybe they can get Bob Grey Sr along with Greg Neal.  Unless something has changed (other than Cameron spending 90 days in Maryland) he still lives here in Orange Park, FL where he will be anticipating the christian...