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    New leadership at NFBC

    Under the direction of Doctor (not really) Greg Neal they have a graduate of Berean Baptist College (the prior Neal family scam) as VP and his wife as dean of women. Greg will likely be advisor to those wanting to major in videography. No mention of Camaron Gianovelli (however it is spelled). No...
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    Modern, unsound, nonscriptural doctrine of KJV-onlyism

    I would say KJV only would be limiting God's Word to only those that can read and comprehend late 16th-early 17th century English. No document can be translated word for word into multiple languages with the results being identical other than the language. Is a person lead to salvation by the...
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    New student for NFBC

    A Bible college is a pretty expensive dating service.
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    Curriculum at NFBC

    One of the courses listed in their catalog is "Decorating for Special Events". I'm sorry, but you can take courses like that at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Just one reason these church revenue generating schools are not taken seriously. The faculty members are mostly family and staff from Immanuel...
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    Keeping the business in the family-

    Is it strange to anybody but me that so many of the IFB churches are family run for generations? I have seen many IFB pastors that had their sons called to preach and called to be the associate pastor at their dad's church. Hyles, Neals and Fugates come to mind. So many also have "academies" and...
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    New student for NFBC

    I spoke to a young lady yesterday that told me she was going to NFBC "if she is accepted". She applied but hasn't heard back from them yet. I didn't tell her about the Neal's history of scamming schools and that they are probably waiting to see if they get enough students to actually open. She...
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    Update on Cameron Giovanelli

    I guess Greg Neal will have to say that Cameron left Immanuel Baptist to go into a prison ministry. Just like all mention of Berean Baptist College disappeared after Greg Neal ran the family business aground, all mention of Cameron has disappeared from the latest scam "North Florida Baptist...
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    Cameron Giovanelli pleads guilty today to two counts..misdemeanors

    A just sentence? In my opinion, no. Often times a plea bargain is done after weighing the chances of conviction, the costs of trial (both mental to the victim and financial to the taxpayer) and other factors. Hopefully, the prosecutor discussed the deal with the victim and she was given a chance...
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    Before you consider this college...

    A school doesn't care where the money comes from just as long as they get theirs.
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    Working on Sunday

    My former preacher used to go on about working on Sunday. Discouraged the young people from pursuing a career that would have them work on Sunday or Wednesday evening. He said "let the unsaved people do those jobs". He also preached that we should go out door to door soul winning because...
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    Cameron Giovanelli

    Perhaps Greg Neal will video the trial. I know, that was uncalled for.
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    Before you consider this college...

    GED yes, and they will allow anyone to enlist without a degree provided they meet the other qualifications. In some cases a person will be accepted to Officer Candidate school without a college degree. Most officers are either ROTC or academy graduates with some degreed officers coming from...
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    Cameron Giovanelli

    Recidivism among pedophiles is close to 100%. If he is convicted he will serve time, pedophiles don't have a great social life in the slammer.
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    Cameron Giovanelli Arrested!

    I looked through John Hamblin's Twitter account. Looks like he stated in August, just days after Cameron's arrest, that he had decided in June not to attend the Preacher's Delight conference hosted by the Doctors Neal. Hayman!! He is never slack about posting about taking Jeff Fugate's men's...
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    Before you consider this college...

    The military only recognizes degrees from accredited schools. Many government agencies are the same. Glad things worked out well for you, surely some organizations are more lenient than others.