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    Tutton Family

    Please pray for the Tutton and extended family as they’ve lost two beautiful daughters. Karen Mendez passed away several months and her sister Kim passed away last week. Praying all.
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    The Colsten’s

    Please pray for Johnnie and Elaine Colsten. They both have Covid but he has it really bad and was taken to Community Hospital in Munster. He is very sick.
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    Jerry Falwell Jr. takes indefinite leave of absence

    There was an article in the paper that he and his wife were both having affairs.
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    Pensacola Going Worldly?

    There are many FBC kids going to PCC.
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    Deaths Of HAC Students

    Karen Tutton Mendez, wife of Danny Mendez and daughter of Ed and Carolyn Tutton. Passed away on Wednesday due to cancer. She also leaves behind a very young son.
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    Andrew Bailey

    I just heard that Andrew Bailey - son-in-law  to Ray Young died.  He was only Only 45 years old. Does anyone know what happened?
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    So done with it!!

    After the Schaap debacle our family after over 55 years of attending and finally had enough. Couldn?t take it anymore.  We followed our former Sunday school teacher when he started a church. A few years into it, things started to change. Didn?t like it. We finally made the decision that we are...
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    Woke Up to This

    To the person who asked where he got the $200,000, his wife died several years ago and I believe her husband died leaving her money. 
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    And again

    It is true.  I have friends here that were from that church that know the situation. Their family is still there - ready to leave - and she posted on FB yesterday evening.  She said something to the fact that he was an HAC grad.
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    Team Peru

    Dan is now going to start his own spanish church outside of FBC. He's recruiting now and currently holding services in his home. 
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    South Point Baptist Church / Other Churches in the Region

    Let's just say you don't see catholics removing their names from their churches.  Sad that Baptists seems to want to remove their name from their churches.  Ashamed of being a Baptist?
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    Team Peru

    He could also be in "trouble" for indicating he was working as a government agent.  He's just another screw up! 
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    Patch the Pirate

    I read an article the other day that Ron Hamilton has been diagnosed with dementia.  How sad to hear this news.  Our family has enjoyed his music for over 30 years.  It indicated that a transition is in the works with family.  The article didn't state how aggressive it is, but dementia is a...
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    Team Peru

    Yes, it's all true what Dan has done.  And impersonating a CIA agent in a foreign country is illegal.  He was coming back to the US to "Mayo Clinic" with his second family all under the dime of FBC and the mission board.  He now attends another church in Crown Point with his first family, and...
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    Ed and Marge Wolber

    Yes, she did pass away.  Ed retired a few years ago and they moved to be closer to their daughter who lives in FL.  You know the weather in Indiana is so nice and warm in the winter (ha ha).  She had been ill for a while.  I don't know the exact diagnoses of what her daughter said.  According...