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    "Chinese Virus"

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    Who is David Cloud?

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    This Forum Needs a Revival

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    Church Attire – Human Tradition or Biblical Principle?

    I am a big proponent of going to church attired.
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    What Did I Miss?

    Have Blessed Union or Frag shown up to defend them yet?
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    Is Grace Kaput?

    They are a shell of their former shell of themselves. Or something like that.
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    So Quiet And Lonely

    Bump! Grannylo has since moved to Ohio. Her and Pulpitteer have split up. No idea what happened to him since.
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    What Did I Miss?

    Rumor has it that you all done went and upgraded without me.
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    All the talk about discipleship, growth and mentoring reminds me of that other great conversion experience we heard about. Anyone know how the maturation process is going with Mr. Trump?
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    Chick Fil A caves to LGBTQ coercion

    So what percent of the PP "three percent" is for one of your acceptable reasons versus birth control? Three percent? Less? Let's see how far down we can split that hair. 8)
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    Have any of you ever had the opportunity to work on a poultry farm? When determining the future use (or disposal) of a hatch-ling they "sex" them, not "gender" them.  ;D
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    I'm not sure if you are agreeing or disagreeing.  ???
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    Chick Fil A caves to LGBTQ coercion

    Oh the humanity! Haters!  ::)