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    He moved? Church website still has him as the pastor
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    Darrell Moore making transition to east coast

    1. He left after John Wilkerson became pastor., probably 3 months into his pastorate 2. "At least he saw the change in Dr. Hyles..." - please elaborate
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    David Hyles being sued

    Interesting.... this seem innacurate. Seems like this would be about 1980. Dr. Evans was the President from about 1974 ..... The suit alleges Ryder finally informed her parents of the rapes after two years and brought her father with her to a meeting with David Hyles to confront him. It...
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    Questions about My Journey Through Grace - by Cindy Hyles Schaap

    As always there are questions that persist... 1. She states: "Finally the dreaded day we had anticipated for 21 months was finished..." referring to Jack Schaap's sentencing. Found this very interesting... 21 months (She is referring to March 20, 2013) would be June of 2011. His sin /...
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    Questions You Would Have Asked Pastor Ken Schaap...

    If you had been interviewing him, what would you have asked him? I will start this out: "What were you thinking when your dad was preaching "The Polished Shaft" sermon...
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    Darrell Moore making transition to east coast

    In Retrospect, I thought it would be interesting to revisit this thread... Darrell Moore, who had to move to the E Coast, is now living in Texas, working for a different Bible College... Ken Schaap has started a church in Ohio, which is more of a seeker sensitive church... Jarod Long helped Ken...
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    Schaap wants out of jail

    It seems as if the 12 year sentence was a bit harsher than many of those convicted of the same crime, even those who are pastors.
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    Hyles-Duckles Camp

    I knew that... I was hoping for an address or a name of a new camp
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    Hyles-Duckles Camp

    Does anyone know where this camp was / is ? I know it's no longer Hyles-Duckles.
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    LBT Changing Name - Distancing from Bob Gray Sr
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    Deaths Of HAC Students

    Andrew Bailey (Son in Law of Ray Young) Married to Jennifer Young 45 Years Old Student @ HAC: 93 - 97 Staff @ HAC:  97 - 09
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    JAV Stories

    Years ago, someone used to post JAV stories on the forum... does anyone have a link for those?  They were classic!