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  1. GenX

    It is Finished!

    Tennessee Temple University has closed it's doors permanently. Now you can name it Piedmont International University!
  2. GenX

    It is Finished!

    Tennessee Temple University Closes Its Doors After 70 Years
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    Statement of Reconciliation

    Dear TTU family, As part of our ten year reaccreditation process with TRACS, we have done some extensive surveying of the TTU constituency. The survey results have mirrored the feedback that I and other TTU leadership have received informally for the past two years. Very often there are...
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    Hello Forumites

    Just want to let ya'll know that I weighed in a little and read some.
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    It has been awhile

    I have been browsing the web and decided to stop by a greet, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Isaiah 9:6
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    Tennessee Temple lists its property to sell at $19.6 million

    Tennessee Temple University, which announced plans on Sunday to discuss the possibilities of a move to the campus of Woodland Park Baptist Church in Tyner, will list almost its entire campus in Highland Park — more than 21 acres of property — for sale. The land, including 470,000 square...
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    Tennessee Temple University May Leave [Land Locked Property] in Highland Park

    Tennessee Temple University May Leave Highland Park For Woodland Park Baptist Church Campus Sunday, September 15, 2013 Tennessee Temple University may leave its longtime home in Highland Park for a new campus at Woodland Park Baptist Church, the church congregation was told Sunday. Dr. Wayne...
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    Better Administration Proven: Enrollment Growth!

    Blog Post from the President: "We have been so very blessed this fall at TTU. In the fall of 2011, TTU had 283 resident students enrolled. This fall our resident enrollment has increased to 417. The gain of 134 students represents a 47% growth rate! One of the factors has been our new night...
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    Are Convenience Stores Unscriptual?

    Many gas station type stores sell just about anything to make a quick buck. Chips and sugary snacks, Stimulants, Coffee, Tobacco products, Beer, Colas; Very little to do with grocery items, except some places have deli items and fried chicken.
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    Athletics: TTU to compete against BJU in Basketball

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    I had a dream ...

    that the campus post office closed (shut down), and Kevin Woodruff was working in the records office. Sad dream it was.  :'( .
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    Danny Lovett Gets a New Job Pastoring
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    Lost Online College Credit

    "Nobody won't honor it, they won't accept it. They won't take it nowhere. It's just like, you have a diploma or a certificate. It ain't worth nothin." Fighting back tears, Jennifer Martineau told me how she took classes from an online university for an Associate's degree in Early Childhood...
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    I got a stalker.

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    Anyone Remember Riverbend Music Festival?

    A week-long event that has about 100 bands and all kinds of fun.
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    Tennessee Temple Univ. strengthens SBC ties

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (BP) -- Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tenn., has a reputation as an independent Baptist school but has been taking steps to strengthen its ties with Southern Baptists, most recently in the hiring of a new president. Steve Echols, a member of New Orleans Baptist...
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    Kicked Out Of BJU For Watching Glee

    So the problem with going to college at a baptist school like Bob Jones University that
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    Camp Joy: Extreme Makeover

    The "Extreme Camp Makeover" of Camp Joy is underway! We need your help! Click the links to donate or volunteer. "Like" Camp Joy TN on Facebook and follow @campjoytn on Twitter.
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    Sorry, I missed this earlier. I'm a saved sinner. Whoever the Admin is, I appreciate the cloning of the old FFF. Not sure if any of my old friends will join in discussion, I'm just checking in ...
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    Tennessee Temple University brings in Brac Brady as head coach

    Brac Brady again is succeeding Randy Lee as a college basketball head coach. This time it's at Tennessee Temple University, seven years after he took over when Lee left Maine-Machias for Texas-Permian Basin. Lee came to Temple in 2009 and began a rebuilding process, but he has given up his...