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    My Novel -- It Could Happen Here

    Hello All, It Could Happen Here is available as a free download on Amazon today. I had a couple of reviews on Goodreads. Find them here...
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    The Sounds of Starbucks

    This is too funny,
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    ?Gay Christian? Event Planned with Mark Dever?s Capitol Hill Baptist Church

    This is quite a development. Dever is quite influential. Sadly, he seems to have embraced the idea of a gay identity for Christians, as long as they remain celibate.
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    Evangelical College Azusa Pacific Agrees to Allow LGBT Relationships

    A sad development,
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    Evangelical Statement on Social Justice

    Yesterday, I became aware of an evangelical statement of social justice. Apparently, the statement is generating some controversy, which is discussed here...
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    My Novel -- It Could Happen Here

    Hi, My novel It Could Happen Here is available on Amazon. It's available now in Kindle format. The paperback will be released September 17 but is available now for pre-order. This is the description,
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    The Decline of SBC Members in South Carolina

    "Not all Southern Baptist churches report their statistics to the convention each year, but among those reporting, there were nearly 130,000 fewer members in 2017 (568,519) than in 2012 (698,041)..." Read more here: One commentator...
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    The SBC and the LGBT Revoice Conference

    Last week, I noticed this article about the Revoice Conference, This is a key paragraph, The stated goals of the conference include, ?Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian...
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    Justin Bieber Reading a Tim Keller Book on Marriage

    If you follow the important events of the day, Justin Bieber is engaged to Hailey Baldwin. Recently, he was photographed with a copy of evangelical author Tim Keller's book on marriage.  It's funny how the book is identified a "self-help" book in the article...
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    Read My New Novel for Free

    Download my new novel It Could Happen Here. It's available for free today through Friday. It is a Christian novel that's part current events, part Christian apologetics, and lesser part autobiographical. I include...
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    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Shouted Out of Movie Theater

    Clearly, she shouldn't have been at the movies in the first place.  ;D The resistance continues to help Trump.
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    United Methodist Group Brings Church Charges Against Jeff Sessions

    This might be one case where the United Methodist Book of Discipline is enforced.  It's been explained away or ignored in cases of gay or lesbian clergy.
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    Fighting Forum Poster Acknowledged in History Book

    FFF poster Keith Woodruff is acknowledged in the Acknowledgments section of a new history book about fundamentalists and conservative evangelical higher education. The book is called Fundamentalist U: Keeping the Faith in American Higher Education by Adam Laats. He notes "Keith Woodruff at...
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    Good News for IFB Liberals -- Culottes Are In-Style

    IFB liberals can celebrate a fashion trend. Culottes are in.  :D Look at this hussy.
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    Preacher Causes Panic in Crowded Theater with "If You Were to Die Tonight..."
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    Writer Tom Wolfe Dies at 87

    Sorry to read of Tom Wolfe's passing. I've enjoyed his writing over the years, as I'm sure many others have.
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    Romney slams Trump?s choice of ?bigot? pastor for Jerusalem embassy prayer
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    Southern Baptist Leader Paige Patterson's Comments on Divorce After Abuse

    An old audio of comments made by Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson has recently resurfaced. The comments have generated news and controversy surrounding the idea of a woman staying with or divorcing an abusive husband...
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    Jordan Peterson -- Who is He and Why Does He Have a Following

    I've heard references online to Jordan Peterson, but don't have any first-hand knowledge of him. This article explores the reasons for his appeal. Has anyone read him or listened to his lectures?
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    Paul, Apostle of Christ -- Forthcoming Movie

    New movie coming out later this month. It sounds good.