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    The Rapture

    Okay, just curious as to the views here on this Forum concerning the Rapture. Post, Mid, or Pre-Tribulation? Which is the dominant view here?  God bless.
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    When it comes to Bible interpretation, Regeneration is an issue that heads the list of what I see as important in understanding from Scripture. Christ makes it clear that men must be born again. But here is the problem...there are many "interpretations" of Regeneration given by various groups...
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    Post Trib?

    While looking at a thread called "Post Trib," I decided to address a few issues and when hitting quote, was told it was an old thread and I might think of starting a new one, so here it is. First, in response to how placing Christ's Return after the Sixth Seal presents a problem for those who...
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    Hi Guys

    Hello to all, glad to have found an Independent Baptist Forum. Just by way of introduction I have always been either a member of an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, with the exception of one Southern Baptist Church, and am currently now seeking another fellowship due to changes in my...