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    My weekend Posting Revival!

    John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word,
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    Who will be next to receive the kiss of death...

    from the Republican establishment? If Rubio drops out after losing to Trump tonight in FL, what is their best play?  Should they consider endorsing Trump, if they really want to defeat him?
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    Happy Pi Day!

    Personally, I would not be opposed to seeing the requirement to get off the Deadbeat list raised from 3 posts a day to at least 3.14 posts per day. One of my favorites is a nice hot slice of apple pie with a scoop or two of refreshing vanilla ice cream on the side.  :)
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    Is Clarence Sexton running for a political office?

    I was traveling south on I-75 just past the Merchant's Road exit when I caught a glimpse of a large picture of Sexton on a billboard on the left side of the interstate. Since I was merging to the right in heavy traffic to get on the bypass of Knoxville, I was not able to read what was on the...
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    Sunday School in Chicago

    This is the thread that was created simply for anyone that feels the pressure from their Division Leader to quickly produce high posting numbers.
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    Just as I Am, without...

    Calling all HACkers! Yes, this is a familiar invitation song. I believe that many of us miss reading the entertaining interaction between all the HACkers before the unmoderated FFF became overrun with a couple of Red Bull filled steers flaunting their obvious mad cow tendencies.