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    Mogami W3031 Mic Cable

    356 ft. on the roll. White. New. Great when you need extreme small cable for mics, like hanging choir mics. Make an offer.
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    The Woman of My Dreams....Dot Matrix

    Cleaning out some ancient junk.  Found these bus flyers.  Done on a Panasonic dot matrix printer.  Circa 1989.
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    Who Remembers These Two?

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    Lancaster Baptist's Newest Creation.... (NOT?)

    Today was the first official service of Citypoint Baptist Church in Tempe, AZ.  David Cloud mentioned this startup in his Feb. 1 Friday News. I thought I'd land my saucer there and visit, so I put on my skinny jeans and tank top and went on in! The beauty of being green-skinned and dressed...
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    I. AM. BACK!

    Hello, earthlings! Are all my earthling peeps still here? I will not be able to post as much in the past but I'm thankful to be able to post at all! All my friends give me a shout-out!
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    Foolish Preaching

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    Your Favorite Love Song

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    Does anyone know if this was from chapel or a Pastor's School session?
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    So Where Are *YOUR* Converts?

    I got a kick out of RAIDER (don't we all) making fun of someone only spending 10 hours out soul winning. But it got me thinking about all the converts those on this forum surely had during those days of HAC.  What became of them?  Do you still keep in contact with any?
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    I Understand What He Means

    As a graduate of Hyles-Anderson, I appreciate his support.
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    Trump SC Victory

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    Are Cruz and Rubio Traitors?

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    He MUST Be a HACker!!

    How is this even possible???  He didn't tell his wife???
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    Johnny Crowson's Wife in Glory.

    She passed away this morning at 5am.  Cancer.
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    Cannot access website

    Can't access the website from home.  Am only able to log on from phone .  Don't know why.
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    The Pope is Right Again!

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    The Pope is Right Again!
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    "Love You, Mom!"
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    Learn Something New This Year