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    Reasons to vote for Biden

    This weekend I spent some time with a group of people who were 100% for Biden. They were very anti Trump, but could not articulate what they liked about Biden. As I ran through the Democrat platform they did not seem to be on board with much it said, but they were still ready to board the...
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    Schools reopening in the fall or NOT

    I read today many school districts in the major cities do not plan to return to a normal classroom schedule this fall. Working parents scramble to find options. I understand there have been less than 200 deaths due to Covid 19 amoung those under 25. Of those 200 most had pre-existing conditions...
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    Church Attendance and Corona Virus

    Are you still planning on attending church as normal or do you plan to adjust your attendance? Has your church canceled any meetings or events? Sorry ALAYMAN I did not see your topic from yesterday.
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    Bernie's Stated Policies

    Bernie sums up his priorities during victory speech in New Hampshire. * Eliminate student debt for everyone ($1.6 trillion) . * Free Public college for everyone * Elimination of all health care insurance and managed care providers. * Medicare for all (including undocumented residents) covering...
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    Biden Bombs in New Hampshire

    Vice President Biden see dismal results in Iowa (4th) and worse results in New Hampshire (5th). Does this end his chances to be the nominee or is this race just getting started? Iowa Results Pete Buttigieg 13 26.2% 564 Bernie Sanders 12 26.1% 562 Elizabeth Warren 8 18% 388...
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    Hyles Anderson Alumni Meetings

    Did any of you on the west coast attend The Hyles Anderson Alumni meeting this week, at Grand View Baptist Church in Bevercreek OR. Nov 19 & 20, 2019
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    .Methods & Places to Share the Gospel

    Obviously you can share the gospel to anyone, any where, but some places seem to be better than others Please list methods and places to evangelize / share the gospel that have worked for you or your church. One per post please cause it's still about the numbers. Feel free to comment on, add...
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    Youth Conference Hammond 2019

    Did anyone planning to attend this years youth conference in Hammond? Any family members planning to go, others from your church, friends? We need some first hand reporting on; Attendance Mood Decisions made Quality of the food unplanned events
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    Hyles Anderson alumni pastors

    I thought it might be interesting to see how many of you attended HAC with these pastors, or how many of you and currently friends with these men. I will post the basics about them then you can add the details as well as your personal stories and blessings about them. In the spirit of the FFF...
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    Rachel Held Evans dies at 37

    Best selling Christian writer Rachel Held Evans dies at age 37.
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    5000+ Migrant caravan heads north Is this migrant caravan a threat to our security and our national sovereignty or just an opportunity for our country to demonstrate Christian charity. Should they be treated as an invading force or as fellow brothers in need. If we let them in, when...
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    Hyles Anderson Graduate Loses Primary Bid for Milwaukee County Sheriff?

    Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt looses in primary bid to become permanent Milwaukee County Sheriff. Critics point to his degrees from Hyles Anderson and Northland as proof he was not qualified for the position. He replaced the outspoken Sheriff David Clarke when he resigned in Aug. 2017...
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    Elon Musk smokes marijuana on video podcast.

    Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX CEO & Tesla, smokes marijuana on Joe Rogan video podcast. Sad where our country is headed.
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    1000 or more abused in one state alone.

    1000 children abused in one state alone and the church and it's leaders covered it up. Over 300 predator priests identified in Pennsylvania's Catholic Church...
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    Trickle Down Does Still Work

    Despite claims from the left, company?s great and small, have started issuing raises & bonuses to their employees. Walmart announced today that nearly all its 1.4 million US workforce are getting a dollar and hr. raise, plus a cash bonus as a direct result of the new tax plan. Many others have...
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    Would VP Biden / Sen. Booker Have Won.

    Donny Brazile, DNC Chairperson, spills all in her new book. She says she strongly considered replacing Clinton with a VP Biden / Sen Booker ticket after Clinton's fainting spells. She writes she believes Biden would have won. She also says, the Clinton campaign cut a deal with the DNC to control...
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    Balance of Ministry

    I had a conversation with an old friend I served with years ago. We talked about old times and about our families and ended up talking about the balance of ministry. He discussed how the division of time and effort at his church had changed over the years and we agreed to disagree on the ideal...
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    Fondest Memory or Personal Stories about Mrs. Hyles

    I thought it would be a nice tribute to Mrs. Hyles to document some fond memories and personal kindness she showed to members here. Remember, one memory per post. We don't want to get in trouble.
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    Bernie 2020

    Some Democrats are already getting excited about Bernie for 2020. The Sanders / Warren ticket is starting to look like a real possibility. At age 75 (he will turn 79 on Sept 8, 2020) he would be the oldest and likely the most liberal person to ever run for the presidency.  (Reagan was 73 at the...
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    The minimum wage

    What is your thoughts on minimum wage? Should we have one and should it be raised nationally, state by state or not at all. Current National Minimum Wage $7.25 per hour STATE MINIMUM WAGE LEGISLATION Alabama none Alaska * $9.80 Arizona * $10.00 $10.50 eff. 1-1-18 $11.00 eff. 1-1-19...