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    We can always count on Dave...... get our forum active again.
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    Bad Christian Album Covers

    I almost posted this in the HAC forum as one of the albums is from a former student from my era. How many do you recognize? This collection could also be renamed to "extremely bad hairstyles."
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    Joe and Evangeline Combs victim on Dr. Phil today
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    When did this happen?

    If you try to go to the Dave Hyles "ministry" web site It's no longer available.  While I am not surprised that his Restoration Inn and Fallen In Grace appear to be no more, does anyone know when or why (besides the obvious) it ceased functioning? I am not a...
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    How Time Flies.......

    JACK ALLAN SCHAAP Register Number: 12409-027 Age: 61 Race: White Sex: Male Located at: Ashland FCI Release Date: 04/20/2023
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    Serious question about Pastors School

    Why did FBC continue having Pastors School under Jack Schaap. My understanding is that Pastors School came about because so many pastors were asking to be taught the Jack Hyles method of building a church. So rather than teach them one at a time, he started pastors school to teach them all at...
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    Is Joe Combs deceased?

    My wife was telling me that she saw a post on Facebook that Joe Combs died about a year ago. Does anyone know?
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    Bob Gray says we shouldn't endorse political candidates because JH didn't

    Read his current blog post. He refers to the actions of Jack Hyles many times. Curiously, I don't see any Bible verses or guidance from the teachings of Jesus in this post. huh.
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    Beverly Hyles will be at FBC tomorrow

    Beverly Hyles will be at morning services at FBC tomorrow morning. Dave Hyles and Brenda are also in the area, but I don't know if they will attend services. 
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    Is FBC KJV Only?

    In another thread, a back and forth recently occurred wherein the KJV-ness of FBC was kind of debated. People at FBC I speak with seem pretty KJV only oriented. They use references like "The KJV has the blood" and I have even heard the term "Devil's bible" in reference to modern version -...
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    Did Jack Hyles actually go soul winning?

    In another thread, the topic was the unbelievable (literally, in my opinion) hours worked by staff members and Jack Hyles was the gold standard for using every minute to serve. Curiously, I have never met a single person who was personally witnessed to by Jack Hyles. This was after attending FBC...
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    Does FBC/HAC have a retirement plan?

    Reading in another thread that people were terminated so they couldn't make it to retirement made me wonder. What do people at FBC.HAC get when they retire? Who is drawing a retirement paycheck now?
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    Growing up Fundy article Hyles-Anderson gets a mention in the comments section.
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    Gay Marriage is legal in all states in the US now
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    What could have been done?

    In another thread, the assertion was made that EL was concerned about the erratic JS behavior/doctrines/preaching etc. for at least a year before the events that ultimately lead to his incarceration. My question: Who could have dethroned JS or JH? With what seems obvious to everyone now, and...
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    Thom Kimmel - Victim or Vulture?

    After reading the thread about Bill Boyd losing his settlement money to the Thom Kimmel investment fraud, I am left speechless. I have a family member that basically lost their entire retirement fund to this scam so I do have that perspective. Reading through the article about his sentencing...
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    Mathew Shepard's death was not a gay hate crime
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    Is Hammond the new Ferguson?

    I saw this video today on Fox News. I didn't realize it had taken place in Hammond until the end:
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    FBC Ethnic attendance ratio question

    I tread lightly here in asking this question but I am curious. I have attended FBC a few times in the last year. I noticed that it appears the majority of attendees are Hispanic. All of the names of those who came forward to profess salvation were Hispanic or African American. All of the people...
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    Thom Kimmel convicted