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    My Old Buddy, Dale.

    I had the misfortune of having to go to a friend's funeral yesterday. Dale and I first met about 1974. He was a couple of years older than me and played center on the local high school football team. We had that kind of relationship where we picked at each other about everything. It would...
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    Render unto Ceasar... what is Ceasar's

    "When tyranny becomes law rebellion become duty." Thomas Jefferson
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    New IFB dating site

    That whole concept just sounds like way too much trouble. Jubal Sackett
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    Hi all. Im newbie

    Well, tell us your story. Jubal Sackett
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    Some Here Would Say "Amen!"

    Please understand that this is the exception rather than the rule. Each Southern Baptist church is completely independent from all other churches. There is a movement, just as there was in the 80's to push more liberal theology. It was stopped then. It will be stopped now. I have a feeling that...
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    Hephzibah House closed?

    It's about time!!! I hope that they'll learn that adults don't bully so easy. Jubal Sackett
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    OK, IFB Women

    Three things that never lie, drunks, little children and yoga pants. Jubal Sackett
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    ____ for married people!!!!

    Our church is doing a marriage enrichment study... Admin note: Sorry, due to Google restrictions, this site has to remain free of the word.... Imagine that!!!
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    Holding Him Accountable

    I am assuming that this is regarding the bumpstock ban. Frankly, I don't really see where there is a constitutional right to own one. I'm much more concerned with semi auto and magazine bans in several states. You can watch this become federal if the senate and the White House change hands. Face...
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    IFB youth kept off American Airlines mission trip flight over check-in delay

    I think that AA owes them some money. Jubal Sackett
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    Genesis - Literally True?

    Went to see Alpha yesterday. Good movie telling the story of the beginning of man's relationship with dogs. It's set in Europe 20K years ago. It's got your wooly mammoths, your mastodons, You huge hairy rhinos, your big horn bison and your saber tooth cats (which are very mean). It also has your...
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    Genesis - Literally True?

    God was there and He is still alive. And He told us what He did in Genesis 1. :D Therefore, I'm just not worried about it. Jubal Sackett
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    Genesis - Literally True?

    I wasn't  there. You weren't there.  We're here. Why does it matter? Jubal Sackett
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    Diversity among IFB's.

    If you're experiencing the same kind of heat that we are on our side of the mountains the change might be to keep everybody from dying. Jubal Sackett
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    Southern Baptist Convention Sliding into Oblivion!

    The sky is falling!!! The  sky is falling!!! With a fundy and a liberal everything is always to the extreme. Life as we know it on this planet will cease to exist.  All the while, the SBC churches just keep chugging  along just as they always have.  Most of kind of think of the Convention as a...
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    Is there a compromise on Abortion?

    All we want are common sense abortion laws.  Waiting periods, background checks, etc. Close the Planned Parenthood loophole. Jubal Sackett
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    Keith Gomez Defends Racism

    When an American boy turns 16 he gets a driver's license. When a Massai boy turns 16 he kills a lion with a spear. Who do you want on your side when the going gets tough? Jubal Sackett