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    Tutton Family

    Please pray for the Tutton and extended family as they’ve lost two beautiful daughters. Karen Mendez passed away several months and her sister Kim passed away last week. Praying all.
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    The Colsten’s

    Please pray for Johnnie and Elaine Colsten. They both have Covid but he has it really bad and was taken to Community Hospital in Munster. He is very sick.
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    Andrew Bailey

    I just heard that Andrew Bailey - son-in-law  to Ray Young died.  He was only Only 45 years old. Does anyone know what happened?
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    So done with it!!

    After the Schaap debacle our family after over 55 years of attending and finally had enough. Couldn?t take it anymore.  We followed our former Sunday school teacher when he started a church. A few years into it, things started to change. Didn?t like it. We finally made the decision that we are...
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    Patch the Pirate

    I read an article the other day that Ron Hamilton has been diagnosed with dementia.  How sad to hear this news.  Our family has enjoyed his music for over 30 years.  It indicated that a transition is in the works with family.  The article didn't state how aggressive it is, but dementia is a...
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    Can't stay away

    Dave & Tina Douglass took a church in TN, bought this huge expensive home.  Apparently their membership didn't like it and voted them out.  Guess where they are - - back at FBC and on staff.  When will people learn that you can't outdo your membership like that!
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    Another Precision Soul in Heaven

    For those of you who attended FBC/HAC - Dick Barr a long time member of FBC passed away yesterday (Thursday, December 18).  His daughter Lynn Barr Andrews got to greet him in Heaven.  He is being buried on December 22nd the day that Lynn passed away in 1988.  He had a sense of crazy humor. ...
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    Passing of a sweet lady at FBC

    For those of you who attended FBC/HAC at any time remember Mrs. Mary Ruth Harrington.  She passed away this morning.  She was in her mid-90's.  She had been a faithful member of FBC for over 60 years.  She taught HS girls for almost that long if not that long.  What a wonderful sweet lady she...
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    Schaap gives up - just in

    HAMMOND | It appears Jack Schaap has given up on attempts to overturn a 12-year federal prison sentence he was given for sexually abusing a 16-year-old member of the First Baptist Church of Hammond when he was serving as pastor. His Florida-based attorney, Charles Murray, filed a motion in...
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    He's doing it again - Jack

    HAMMOND | A former pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond on Friday asked a federal judge to at least allow his attorney to present evidence showing his 12-year sentence should be overturned. An attorney for Jack Schaap, 56, persisted in claims that Schaap's defense attorneys provided...
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    Rob Foreman & Family

    I got a text from someone that if you remember this family from maybe 10 years ago - or maybe even longer, he and his family left here and I believe went west.  He had 4 children when they left.  Their daughter Sadie and her boyfriend were killed in a 4-wheeler accident on Sunday after.  Please...
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    Prayers needed

    A few weeks ago we were told that our division was being transferred out of state.  We work for a large company and our group is of 25 close knit.  One of the guys I work for just found out this week his mother who is only 75  has stage 4 lung cancer.  So between having to look for another job...
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    Schaap wants out!

    In today's NWI Times:  Here we go again! HAMMOND | An attorney for a former pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond filed a motion Tuesday asking a federal judge to overturn his client's 12-year prison sentence for sex with a teenage parishioner. Jack Schaap, 56, was sentenced in March...
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    Home going of a long time FBC man

    John Thrall who has been at FBC for more than 40 years passed away yesterday morning from cancer.  Funeral arrangements are incompleted but being handled by Bocken Funeral Home.  I remember he and his wife used to bring in two beautiful dogs during the spring and fall programs.  The kids would...
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    Son passed

    Someone mentioned last night that George Ranft preached because Pastor Wilkerson was out because someone's son passed away very suddenly.  Anyone know?
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    Esther Combs

    I was just watching a blurb from an on-line investigation report from many years ago when the Combs were found guilty.  Does anyone ever know what happened to Esther Combs after all of this?
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    John Tutton Leaving HAC

    John Tutton and family is leaving HAC to warmer climate and joining Pensacola Christian College staff.  His folks are also leaving, but they are going to Africa. 
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    Do you still attend church?

    I haven't been to church in a few weeks and honestly, I haven't missed it.  I've talked to other people about this and they also mentioned they just quit going.  I thought it was only me.  No ones checked on me to find out why, but that's okay.  I think I've read on a few posts back about people...
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Bro.  Hyles!  87 years ago.  What are your memories - good ones!
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    I know there are a lot of people on the forum that home school their kids, I didn't do mine because I'm not even close to being qualified, nor do I have the patience to do it, so my kids are in school - public.  We had them in private for a few years, but our oldest had some learning...