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    Can you hear the dueling banjos?....or dueling organs?

    To the HACers of the 70's and 80's, there were two organists at FBC/HAC....Mrs Colsten handled the church organ duties and Mrs Godfrey handled the college organ duties.  Now, both are 80 years old and still at the organ. Dyer Baptist, where the Godfreys attend, recently started live streaming...
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    Ed and Marge Wolber

    I read where Ed Wolber's wife, Marge, passed away in Florida.  I was unaware that they moved from Indiana. Does anyone know the circumstances of their move to FL? Was it health related or just wanting to live near their daughter? They were very faithful SS teachers for decades in Jr High II...
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    CW Fisk

    I just saw today that CW Fisk is now in Texas at another Christian college.  What was the circumstances for his leaving Elgin, IL?.poor health, retirement, etc?
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    Mrs Hyles' Surgery and Treatment

    From FBC's Prayer Alert Email: PRAYER ALERT E-MAIL "Please pray for Mrs. Beverly Hyles, the wife of our former pastor, Dr. Jack Hyles. Mrs. Hyles was diagnosed with breast cancer and is having a procedure to remove the tumors today at 2:30 p.m. CST. She will then undergo six weeks of...
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    dave douglass and bethlehem baptist church, oneida, TN From the text of the church's facebook page, it appears that the Douglass Family are moving from Oneida...
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    How many families have returned to FBC?

    In another thread, it is written that many families left FBC for various reasons, some for the DH incidents in the 80's, some for the VN accusations in the 90's, etc. My question is, how many families have returned to FBC?  I know that Jerry Vargo has returned and is on staff, and I believe...
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    What or Whom do you miss from FBC

    The topic "When were you last at FBC and for what reason" is a great thread.  I know in the past, there was a thread of whom you miss from HAC, so I wanted to change it to FBC. Who do you miss from seeing?  Maybe a SS teacher or singer....something along that line.  Or maybe, What do you miss...
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    current FBC baptism numbers

    With FBC's new pastor and his discipleship program being implemented, can anyone offer insight how this has affected the number of baptisms at the church.  I try to view their live stream services, but it usually turns off before the reading of the names and the baptisms. I know that during...
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    Kisses of Calvary

    Recently, I was reading "Kisses of Calvary", which is a book of Bro Hyles' sermons from the early 60's.  I was shocked at how different his preaching was in the earlier FBC days.  It was also coming from what seemed a more compassionate man. Here is a segment pulled from one of the sermons in...
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    Mike Zachary being investigated?

    Word is spreading that Mike Zachary, former head of HAC's music department, is being investigated by two counties in California for sexually abusing minors.  This is the first that I've heard and am wondering if more info can be provided. 
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    No organ at FBC on Sunday morning

    This is the first time that I can remember, but there was no organ at FBC this morning.  Mrs. Colsten was sick (told to the congregation by Bro Johnny and Pastor Wilkerson) but there was no substitute.  I know that the Colsten's have been extremely faithful in their attendance these past decades...
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    Joy Evans' message

    Below is a message from Joy Evans.  She has asked to share in as many avenues as possible. "Hello, After many years, tears, thoughts and prayerful consideration I have made a decision. I hope you too, after reading this, will consider a step of action. I do not write this out of malice, pent...
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    The Hyles' 50th Wedding Anniversary This was just posted onto Facebook and thought some here might like to see it.
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    FBC former pianist

    A few months back, a former HB teacher who was also the FBC pianist admitted that he had inappropriate conduct with some HB students.  It was talked about for some time, but now, I haven't heard any updates. Is there anything legally that is coming or are there civil lawsuits in the works?  It...
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    Gail Graves Vargo

    Grounded Grid made recordings available in Dec,2012 on the old forum of an old HAC album featuring Gail Graves, Brad Lomax and Cindy Lord. Gail went to heaven not too long ago and yesterday,one of Jerry and Gail Vargo's children just replied on the old forum and thought you'd all like to see...
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    Prayer for Ron and Shelly Hamilton

    Ron and Shelly Hamilton (a.k.a.  Patch the Pirate) are in need of Christian's prayers.  Their oldest son was tragically taken from this Earth yesterday.
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    music faculty member from the mid 90's

    While my family and I were traveling on a summer vacation in the mid 90's, we were visiting the Four Corners Monument and one of the tour groups from WCBC were visiting at the same time.  The faculty member, I think by the name of Winter, was very gracious and gave us a copy of their tour...
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    Corporal Punishment at HB

    This is "copy and paste" from the Do Right HAC page from Sherri Munger, one of the admins of the site. I believe that what she has written is completely false, a huge exaggeration and she's trying to cast even a darker cloud over FBC and HB.  Below is what she wrote: Sherri Munger-Tyler...
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    FBC invitation

    Usually, the live stream will turn off as the invitation is beginning.  This morning, Easter morning, the live stream continued as Pastor Wilkerson started to read the names of those making professions of faith.  This was the first that I've seen since his coming to FBC, and I was shocked how he...