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  1. GuyfawkesV49

    Defamation Lawsuit
  2. GuyfawkesV49

    (Pastor) Cameron Giovanelli pleads guilty today
  3. GuyfawkesV49

    Cameron Giovanelli pleads guilty today to two counts..misdemeanors

    I guess the glove fit in this case....
  4. GuyfawkesV49

    Cameron Giovanelli

    Criminal Indictment handed down today by Circuit Court for Baltimore County for Cameron......
  5. GuyfawkesV49

    Cameron Giovanelli

    Cameron Giovanelli was handed down a criminal indictment by the Circuit Court for Baltimore County today....
  6. GuyfawkesV49

    Deja vu all over again for Greg...
  7. GuyfawkesV49

    I guess a new college discussion group will have to be opened

    Greg Neal giving the college try one more time.... Dang, it already has.
  8. GuyfawkesV49

    New owners for the Old Berean Baptist Church compound.

    Greg gets a nice shout out in the Clay Today article....,15595
  9. GuyfawkesV49

    The end of Berean Baptist College.

    Swing low, sweet chariot. ...
  10. GuyfawkesV49

    Who let the dogs out? Woof, Woof Article from Clay County Today concerning the future use of the former Berean compound,  appears the Jack Hyles memorial auditorium is literally going to the dogs!!LOL
  11. GuyfawkesV49

    Schaap rejected!!

    I guess no value can continue his Schaap prison updates.