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  1. The Rogue Tomato

    Tumblr explains the English language

    Maybe it was just lack of sleep, but I was in tears laughing over some of these.  Warning: Some profanity.
  2. The Rogue Tomato

    The First Paul

    I figured this would be a good topic to discuss here (from a post in the fellowship forum).  In their book, The First Paul, by Borg and Crossan, the authors analyze the authorship of Paul's letters and break it down this way (I'm quoting a review on Amazon).  There are 3 "Pauls": The radical...
  3. The Rogue Tomato

    Live Barenaked Ladies
  4. The Rogue Tomato

    Another laugh of the day part Deux

    Woman to doctor:  "My husband always talks in his sleep.  Is there any way to cure that?" Doctor:  "You can give him the opportunity to talk when he's awake."
  5. The Rogue Tomato

    Convert this forum to

    Seems like HAC section is where all the people post.  You really only need maybe 3-5 categories here.  1. "All HAC All the time" 2. "Fight about things" (this section) 3. "Rarely seen fellowship posts" 4. "Extremely rarely used men and women sections" 5. "Other" Not being an ex-HACer, I don't...
  6. The Rogue Tomato

    Tattoos, piercings and cat ears

    We've already heard from people who are against tattoos and piercings.  What about cat ears?  Anything Biblical against them?
  7. The Rogue Tomato

    If you vote for Hillary or Bernie, you're an idiot

    Whether you're a Christian or not.  You're still an idiot. ;)
  8. The Rogue Tomato

    Before you vote for Tom Cruise

    See a psychiatrist.
  9. The Rogue Tomato

    California Republican Primary Predictions

    Anyone want to take a stab at this?  I have no idea.  Trump appeals to many liberals, but California is practically the biggest illegal immigration supporting state.  Does that mean Trump won't win CA? 
  10. The Rogue Tomato

    Naked pool period

    Just curious (men only) -- did your school (up to the 9th grade at least) require you to be naked for pool period if you had one?  Or was that just a weird New Jersey thing? Whether or not your school did that, how do you feel about that from the perspective of morality? 
  11. The Rogue Tomato

    Fully Clothed Women

    I mentioned elsewhere that I find fully clothed women more attractive than naked ladies.  So here's an example.  Call me crazy, but if I saw Liu Wen standing in the middle of a strip club with lots of naked ladies, my eyes would be drawn immediately to her, instead.  Not to lust, but to admire...
  12. The Rogue Tomato

    A fantasy message to all

    The Rogue Tomato, I admit that I'm the one who changed the subject in the thread that started all this mess.  I attempted to trap and troll you by saying "why did you change the subject from nudity to fine art?"  This prompted you to post live nudity to prove there was no difference.  That was...
  13. The Rogue Tomato

    Anyone else watching 11.22.63?

    It's a Hulu original, based on a book by Stephen King.  Normally I don't like King's books.  He's an excellent writer, but halfway through his books he always seems to take the plot places I don't want it to go, and not in a good way.  So far, the series is pretty good, though.  I'm in the...
  14. The Rogue Tomato

    Modesty in the Bible

    I tried reading through the Yoga pants thread, but it's just so long... so I apologize if I missed a post that mentioned this already.  Someone asked if modesty was defined in the Bible.  As far as I can see, it's not - unless you interpret the following passage to mean messy hair, cheap...
  15. The Rogue Tomato

    Deadpool and Nudity

    Just FWIW, I saw Deadpool again yesterday, and this time I watched for nudity.  So this time I paid attention to the sex scenes instead of zoning them out.  Unless I missed a moment in there somewhere, there was no exposure of genitals or breasts in the sex scenes.  That doesn't make them...
  16. The Rogue Tomato

    Calling out the "Christian" liars and hypocrites on this forum

    Ransom (and FSSL) Ransom, you may be very well educated, and it shows, but you are one of the least fruitful "Christians" I have witnessed on this board.  The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  You are absolutely...
  17. The Rogue Tomato

    Anyone a fan of Firefly / Serenity?

    I seem to recall Firefly or Serenity started with a sex scene, but since I zone those out I'm not sure.  Firefly was a one-season tv show.  Serenity was a follow-up movie. Otherwise, I am a huge fan of the series and the movie.  I like how they handled profanity in the series.  There wasn't...
  18. The Rogue Tomato

    Have you seen My Cousin Vinny? Did you enjoy it?

    There's lots and lots of profanity in that movie, because that's how New Yorkers (or at least the kinds of New Yorkers the characters represented) talk. I loved the movie.  I thought it was very funny.