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  1. fishinnut

    Covid hits Evangelist Phil Schipper

    Please pray for Phil (HAC grad). The following is copied from him today. "Hey Y’all. I’ve been kinda busy on this end the last few days. I’m hospitalized in NW Indiana with severe COViD symptoms. Biggest challenge right now is keeping my blood oxygen level at an acceptable rate. Just moved me...
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    Prayer requested

    Please pray for a pastor friend who has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
  3. fishinnut

    When a (non-denominational) "preacher" thinks he can change the world's culture instead of preaching The Word.

    Instead of preaching the message of Christ, some of these guys have added social-justice to their message. Here is 1 result.
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    Donald's Bible

  5. fishinnut

    CPR training.

    I found out the hard way on Easter Sunday that I should have taken CPR training. Thanking God that He answered my crys & used my hands in doing chest compressions for 7 min's when my daughter's body shut down. Thanking God that He brought her back. Go get trained.
  6. fishinnut

    C-Virus creates a captive audience

    A missionary friend in Peru where the whole country has been on lockdown since the beginning of the month gave a good testimony. He has a Christian radio station with daily gospel messages. He says they now have greater opportunities "because they now have a captive audience listening."
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    Liberty University Reopens Campus
  8. fishinnut

    Johnny Pope/Christchurch Baptist Fellowship

    Sunday night I watched Johnny preach on his church's FB page. His sermon title was, "Wash your hands!"
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    T-bone missing

    Anyone know what happened to T-bone?
  10. fishinnut

    Part of the "Senior Leadership" of Liberty U, they have a VP for Equity and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer.

    I am guessing this kind of paid staff is a requirement of accreditation. Vice President for Equity and Inclusion The Vice President for Equity and Inclusion is responsible for leading the development and implementation of proactive equity and inclusion initiatives, which support the...
  11. fishinnut

    Mission field on my front porch.

    Having been involved in different forms of door-to-door soul-winning for a lot of years, I have lead many people to Christ on THEIR front porch. Last week at my house I had an appliance installation go bad which knocked out the main electric breaker which left me with NO power for days. An...
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    Happy Birthday Prophet
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    Pray for Evangelist Tim Lee

    Tim had a stroke while preaching this morning. Go to Tim Lee Ministries on FB for updates.
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    Besides he's ugly........he looks like JS.

    There I was reading across the room from where my wife was watching a Hallmark flick. Some girl was telling a guy she was breaking off their engagement........when my wife says, "Besides you're ugly & look like JS," I said, "What?" She tells me the story........all I could do was laugh at...
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    Fight at LU
  16. fishinnut

    Fighting at LU
  17. fishinnut

    Using a Bible verse in Finland called hate speech....
  18. fishinnut

    HAC grad & retired pastor Michael Callaghan walking the PCT

    The Pacific Crest Trail is in CA & he hiking from the Mexican Border to the Canadian border. I do not know why he's doing it but it may have something to do with being an old HACker.  ::) You can follow him on Instagram "pastorcallaghan". You can also subscribe to his youtube channel, The...
  19. fishinnut

    Overcomer the movie

    This Christian movie is has so many messages entwined within a great story. Someone is lead to  Christ, challenged to begin spiritual growth, to find their identity in Christ, and so much more. Quality story, quality messages and quality production.