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  1. the duck

    Lesson notes from Cindy 4 months before Jack's arrest

    12. Cover for Authority. What did she mean?
  2. the duck

    Most any worker, works much harder than the average "pastor or evangelist".

    I must have missed that class in College where I worked full time, full time ministry and heavy class load. I am bi-vocational now and work about 50 to 60 hours a week at my SECULAR job and then preach Sunday morn, Sunday Eve and Wednesday Eve. I often spend more than 2 to 3 hours studying...
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    Covid hits Evangelist Phil Schipper

    Thank you for these updates.
  4. the duck

    Did He See It Coming?

    As one of the comments said, She misspelled "profits".
  5. the duck

    He listened for 18 hours!

    Me thinks that if I read Dr. Seuss to my congregation as long as I did a little shouting, I would still have members that would greet me after the service and say, "Good Message Pastor".
  6. the duck

    He listened for 18 hours!

    How can they when they don't even know if they have the verbal word of God? I tried indoctrinating my parishioners and they only wanted milk and could barely handle that. Maybe not all, but 30 years in the church babes in Christ who could barely be cumbered about to LEARN. They still can't...
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    That's the One!

    I heerd someone say that unless you got saved by the original thee and thou 1611, you are not saved. The copy must have the s's that look like f's etc. I believe the kjv but that's going too far.
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    Who do they think they are? Mr Gomez defied till the gubernment gave him no choice. Then conceded with defiance.
  9. the duck

    Who do they think they are?

    But I would like to ask you all, "If you were to die in 14 days, would you go to heaven or would there be some doubt?" There, I got my witness in. Yep, thats it. And make sure you follow in believers baptism before the 14 days is up.
  10. the duck

    When We Lose Our Distinctives

    Hmmmm...  Wern't Bo Joers then about the same as Youth Club workers?  Without the blue suit and yellow tie, of course..    ;D  oh, and the double breasted vest too.
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    You should see this picture or video!!

    Alrighty then.  This thread is dead.  RIP
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    You should see this picture or video!!

    Does anybody still watch these in this forum?  Or is this Forum dead? For you uninitiated, John Christ a "Christian Comedian".  Funny and Sarcastic at the same time.  I thought he would fit in fairly perfect here.  See Below.
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    Login not secure?

    And Hashed?  With no stray php written in the login script...  Not that I would know anything about that.  I'm a dumb HACker.  :) QUACK!
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    7.  And the world is flat.        Isaiah 11:12  Rev 7:1 :)
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    Mistaken for a BJU Grad

    Bet you weren't  carrying a big black KJV with "READ ME" magic markered on the sides.
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    Youth Conference Hammond 2019

    No relation, Though I did work Pastor's school lunches one year.  Wanted to get closer to Miss Phosterclub, but she was out of my league then....  ;D
  17. the duck

    Youth Conference Hammond 2019

    Did they serve pickles?
  18. the duck

    You should see this picture or video!! Reminded me of Davey?
  19. the duck

    The Worthless Thread for Specifically Increasing Post Numbers

    Mountain dew...  Almost made me a diabetic.. QUACK!