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  1. Baptist City Holdout

    Who Would Have Thought?

    Who would have thought we would come to the day where the world observes the 6 foot rule, but we can't get Baptist dating couples to follow the 6 inch rule?!?!?!?!?!?!
  2. Baptist City Holdout

    Let's Just Face It

    Some pastors were cut out for You Tube and Facebook Live, and some weren't. That's all too evident these days.
  3. Baptist City Holdout

    Third Monday of March

    This used to be quite the week. My how things have changed!
  4. Baptist City Holdout

    Hey, Raider......

    Payne, Ohio loves you!
  5. Baptist City Holdout

    HAC FBCH Pictures and Memorabilia

    Buried somewhere is a thread for posting old pictures from FBCH and HAC, but I am too lazy or incompetent to find it. Let's use the new feature to easily post our old..... or recent pictures. In keeping with time honored tradition...... one picture per post.
  6. Baptist City Holdout

    Anderson Shoots It Straight on the Pervert and Pervert Protectors
  7. Baptist City Holdout

    Let's Hear It for the Third Verse

    If I ever wrote a hymn, it would only have three verses. Why write the third verse of a four verse hymn when your standard song leader usually skips the third verse. This thread is a chance for the often skipped third verse to shine. Remember, only one third verse per post!
  8. Baptist City Holdout

    Lurking on Sunday

    Is it any worse than other days of the week?
  9. Baptist City Holdout

    Are Bon Fires Essential to Christianity?

    One good question deserves another.
  10. Baptist City Holdout

    Mistaken for a BJU Grad

    I recently visited my home church and met the new pastor. After the service he asked if I had attended BJU. When I told him I was a HACker, he said it just seemed I was a BJU type person. I have already gone to Raider's texting confessional. Now I come to you,  HACker nation, pleading your...
  11. Baptist City Holdout

    When We Lose Our Distinctives

    As HACkers, when we no longer wear our white socks to church and adorn ourselves in non airpit stained dress shirts, we stink. When we lose our distinctives, we no longer stink.
  12. Baptist City Holdout

    I Don't Plan.......

    on singing that God forsaken "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in church today.
  13. Baptist City Holdout

    Warren Weirsbe

    Saw on FB where Warren Weirsbe has passed away.
  14. Baptist City Holdout

    How Did We Ever Miss This Anderson Contribution?!?!?!
  15. Baptist City Holdout

    Bank of America Can Go Where!?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?
  16. Baptist City Holdout

    Longview Relinquishes the Short View?

    The sermon begins at 1:02. Make sure you at least watch the segment beginning at 1:15:30 and listen to at least 1:20 before replying. I never have listened to a sermon from II. Glad this was my first.
  17. Baptist City Holdout

    OK, IFB Women

    It's just time somebody went ahead and said this to the modest IFB women.... These "leggings" you are starting to wear....... They bring a lot more attention to the shape of your legs than if you wore a pair of pants. Or if you're still living in the 70'S, slacks. There it has been said.
  18. Baptist City Holdout

    The Third Monday of March

    The Third Monday of March came and went, and I didn't even think about it.
  19. Baptist City Holdout

    Honored Beyond Measure

    Today I was in Dayton, Ohio. There was an exit sign for Findlay St. At the top someone had painted the letters, "BCH." For my admirers in Dayton, I say greatly appreciated!
  20. Baptist City Holdout

    A Boy Named Sue

    Thought about this when I read about a man named George.