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  1. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 11/19

    Feeling convicted of her sin, Myrtle was cleaning the ring around the tub in hopes Pastor would come by to witness to her.
  2. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 11/18

    Marriage and Motherhood majors are fascinated in learning the proper methods of biting off pickle ends for Pastors' School lunches.
  3. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 11/15

    The one HACker trait that served Lester well over the years was his Mezza-rack skills.
  4. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 11/14

    Because it was cheap, for family fun, Morris loved to row his family out to the island while crooning Ship Ahoy!
  5. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 11/1

    "Sir, let me pray for you. I've seen you in that Hell-y-wood film Shrek but I pray God will save you and give you a role in Sheffy Returns."
  6. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 10/31

    Although Peggy wasn't sure of what was meant by 'the rustling of unholy skirts', she certainly worked hard to avoid the appearance of that evil.
  7. Smellin Coffee

    Kirk Franklin to Boycott Dove Awards
  8. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 10/30

    No doubt about it. When RAIDER is around, your gizzard will be blessed!
  9. Smellin Coffee

    For those wondering about me... friend Chris Kratzer said it better in a recent FB post of his, than I ever could. His testimony closely mimics mine:
  10. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 10/29

    When Jebediah started his church plant, he made sure that neither leaking oil nor horse dung in the parking lot would be a reason to keep from starting a new bus ministry.
  11. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 10/28

    Not only did the dog start the family altar, he also organized the family Christmas picture!
  12. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 10/25

    Here is what "Beef Before Christ" looks like. Seems perfect for our HAC Sacks as an alternative to PB & Honey sandwiches!
  13. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 10/24

    When life doesn't give you floodwater pants, have your wife create them for you!
  14. Smellin Coffee

    I'm really mad right now.

    DeVos is planning on cutting funding for Special Olympics in her new school budget. As a certified coach for Special Olympics, nothing pisses me off (I don't care if you consider that cussing) that these deserving folks will lose a program that is essential to their physical, emotional and...
  15. Smellin Coffee

    Johnny Mac - Another Lying Evangelical Pastor

    Exclusive: Iconic civil rights leader tells Pastor John MacArthur to stop lying
  16. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 8/13

    When they ran out of baby chicks to give to bus kids on Easter Sunday, Barney captured a couple pigeons so he could give every stinkin' bus kid "the bird".
  17. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 8/12

    Once Fido started the family altar, the Barnabys began calling him "Brother Fido".
  18. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 8/10

    It's about that time of year when Buckets and Bows head off to do the annual Prophets Dorm cleaning.
  19. Smellin Coffee

    It was just a matter of time.

    Remember how Republicans worked to allow churches to politicize and pastors were excited to be able to endorse candidates from the pulpit? Well, it is now time for churches to (literally) begin paying the piper for such "freedom of religion/speech". <snip> Republican tax law hits churches...
  20. Smellin Coffee

    HACkerGraf 5/29

    Private guards willing to take the KGB bullet, wait outside Preacher's office to walk him from the office to the auditorium for the church service.