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  1. Teri in NC

    Our leader on this FFF

    Our leader needs our prayers right now.  His Dad went to Heaven this morning.  What a godly heritage RAIDER comes from.
  2. Teri in NC

    Todd Anderson

    Anyone have a way OTHER THAN FACEBOOK to contact Todd Anderson, HB grad from the 80's?
  3. Teri in NC

    If you?re older than 50...

    Old timers, Anyone remember what years Robert Ross (Bob) was at HAC? Someone asked me tonight and I have no recollection of him during 82-86.
  4. Teri in NC

    "_________________________" said no HAC student ever.

    "________________________" said no HAC student ever. Fill in the blank. One comment per post to make RAIDER happy, please.
  5. Teri in NC

    Maxine Jeffries

    One of my Facebook friends shared Ray Highfill?s status yesterday: Today at 1:05 PM a great lady moved to heaven to be with the Lord Maxine Jeffries passed away today at 1:05 PM.  She worked with the deaf for over 50 years.  She loved the Deaf. Heaven gets sweeter....
  6. Teri in NC

    Phoster Club song

    Anyone have the lyrics?
  7. Teri in NC

    Mrs. Hyles' funeral
  8. Teri in NC


    Prayers and safety for those in the path of Hurricane Irma.
  9. Teri in NC

    IFB Xfiles

    Did anyone ever hear where this poster went? It's been 8 months today!
  10. Teri in NC

    Just Mama

    Today marks 8 years since Just Mama went to Heaven.  Can you guys believe it was that long ago?  I can close my eyes are still hear her laugh and can't wait to hear it again!
  11. Teri in NC

    Anderson and HAC?

    Did that looney preacher go to HAC? I remember a lot of talk about him on the old FFF and some of his antics.
  12. Teri in NC


    Another thread made mention of where FBCH would be if there had been facebook in the 80's. I thought about that and just started laughing. As a dorm girl, I would have tagged myself in very few places:   DeCoster Dining Hall   Chapel   East Chicago Bible Club   Liberty Square OR South Hallway...
  13. Teri in NC


    He has become the self-appointed leader here, so I figured I would join in.  I spoke with Billy Joel while knocking doors Saturday and he gave me permission to rearrange a few words in one of his songs to fit Raider, the posting man. It's nine o'clock on a Saturday The bus worker crowd...
  14. Teri in NC


    Wherefore art thou?
  15. Teri in NC

    Weather report

    It is pollen season here in NC. Anyone else have that? Or snow?  Anyone still having snow?
  16. Teri in NC

    HACky Easter

  17. Teri in NC


    Do we discuss politics here at all or must we leave to go upstairs for those conversations?
  18. Teri in NC

    Posting pictures

    So I made a flickr account like y'all told me to. How do I get the picture to post instead of a link to the picture?
  19. Teri in NC

    Question for those as old or older than me...

    This is really non-HAC, but I value the opinions/advice of many of the members that post regularly in this room. Anyone have high blood pressure?
  20. Teri in NC

    Red cup

    Has that been discussed here?