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    did you notice?

    only HAC and OBC are not in alphabetical order. #conspiracy #whatdoesitmean #doublerainbow
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    Rumor has it

    That a lot of you will read this because it has rumor in the title.  SHAME IN YOU ALL!!!  :P
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    Remember when

    "yedidim" claimed like 9000 churches were backing him?
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    I'm pretty sure

    "voice" is vineyard sr. What else does he have to do?
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    Just me

    1v1 me
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    whose ready forrrrrrrrrrrrr

    the youth conference????????????????111 thoughts:
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    dear readers

    Alvin Martinez Noise is a troll. For those who aren't internet-smart, here's the definition. PS, For those who remember, think something like JoA but even more ridiculous 8) One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup...
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    Pagination links BIGGER please

    >_< They're impossible to click. In topics and in forums.
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    Make the advertisement image responsive

    This one's free; next one I'm charging for ;) keep those advertisers happy