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    Thank you.

    Thank you admin for updating the site. Good job.
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    It's OK to believe in evolution? To quote the editor of Pulpit and Pen... "Is there a compromise on the Bible that Southern Baptist leadership won?t tolerate?"
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    What was your first car?

    1975 Ford Mustang II
  4. 16KJV11

    Green Bay 10 Bears 3

    Its going to be another bang up season for those Bears!!!
  5. 16KJV11

    Will Karma points EVER work agaian?

    Well? Hindus want to know...
  6. 16KJV11

    Is Grace Kaput?

    I think it is Kaput! ???
  7. 16KJV11

    Southern Baptists - Beth Moore - Women Preachers...

    The slope is getting more slippery!
  8. 16KJV11

    Southern Baptist President advocates for LGBT rights.

  9. 16KJV11

    Steven Anderson - The newest Pope!

    Isn't it telling that pastors from 50 states are following Anderson's lead to have soul-winning marathons, all at once? That is power that Hyles/Gray/ whoever you can think of except the pope could only dream of!  I've been in the ministry and around fundamentalism since 1986 and I don't...
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    This Forum Needs a Revival

    It is Dead around here!  Somebody needs to stir things up!  Where's TRB when we need him most?
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    What is the attraction of socialism?

    Do its proponents not see the litany of failed examples throughout history?
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    Dave Hyles

    I watched the video of Joy Evans Ryder speaking about the sexual abuse committed by Dave Hyles towards her.  She did not use his name in the video. Has she voiced his name in any videos? What is the Statute of Limitations regarding this issue? She obviously was under the age of consent when it...
  13. 16KJV11

    RAIDER...It's time to return to the forum.

    It's good for what ails you.
  14. 16KJV11

    Prayer Request

    The man who won me to Christ has a 16 year old daughter named Jasmine.  She has been diagnosed with spinal meningitis and is in serious condition.  PLEASE pray for this dear young lady and her family.
  15. 16KJV11

    What do you call a man with a Rubber Toe?

    Any takers?
  16. 16KJV11

    New Barrel for my Thompson Contender!

    44 Magnum. Bought it at a local gun show. My new hunting toy.  Have nice scope for it too. :) I have two other barrels, .22 LR, and .222.
  17. 16KJV11

    Izdaari where are you?

    She's been gone a while.  Where and why?
  18. 16KJV11

    Bill Graham

    Anybody know where he is these days? :)
  19. 16KJV11

    Shoulder Surgery

    This morning at 0730.  Would appreciate prayer please. :)
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    New Deadbeat Thread

    C'mon Master Hacker RAIDER.  When can we expect a DEAD BEAT update? No excuses!