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    Questions about My Journey Through Grace - by Cindy Hyles Schaap

    As always there are questions that persist... 1. She states: "Finally the dreaded day we had anticipated for 21 months was finished..." referring to Jack Schaap's sentencing. Found this very interesting... 21 months (She is referring to March 20, 2013) would be June of 2011. His sin /...
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    Questions You Would Have Asked Pastor Ken Schaap...

    If you had been interviewing him, what would you have asked him? I will start this out: "What were you thinking when your dad was preaching "The Polished Shaft" sermon...
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    Hyles-Duckles Camp

    Does anyone know where this camp was / is ? I know it's no longer Hyles-Duckles.
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    LBT Changing Name - Distancing from Bob Gray Sr
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    JAV Stories

    Years ago, someone used to post JAV stories on the forum... does anyone have a link for those?  They were classic!
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    Bus Ministry @ LBT

    How large is the bus ministry?  Listening to Bob Gray Sr, he said he was running 42 buses when he retired.
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    Bus Ministry Reunion

    Don't know if this has been posted or not... Anyone planning on going to this?
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    Where in the world is Jack Trieber?

    Noticed that according to his website, he's been gone since July 24 - It says he was back today, but someone else preached... is he ok?
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    John R Rice

    In my opinion, John R. Rice was probably one of the most balanced preachers that I know. Also, seems like he was responsible for much of the church growth of the 70's... I've often wondered if it was coincidental that he died in 1980, which is when the IFB movement seems to have begun to decline.
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    Michael Wilcox - RIP

    For those who new Mike, he passed away in his sleep on Sunday morning Feb. 17. He had recently had heart surgery, and had gone home.  His brother went to wake him on Sunday morning, and he had passed.
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    More victims of Jack Schaap....

    This should've been posted in the HAC section
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    Scott Mercer & Eric Capaci

    Just curious about his leaving the Thailand Team.... not too unusual in itself, but interesting that he chose to make Eric Capaci's Gospel Light Baptist Church his sending church, instead of FBCH. Any information?
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    Cricket Boyd - Book being sold @ FBC

    I recently heard from a friend that the bookstore @ FBC sells Cricket Boyd's book, "Ours Will Be Different..." Not sure how everyone else feels.... I feel bad that she lost her husband, and the she got swindled by Kimmel.  But, she DID SUE First Baptist Church of Hammond.... not sure I'd want...
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    Who was paying or What Happened to the $16 Million...

    A few questions.... *Jack Schaap had said that someone from the outside was paying the payments on the new auditorium, approximately $90,000 per month... who was this? *Also, the Pulse TV (there's a blast from the past!) on something like 300 TV stations was being financed from the outside...
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    What Church do Most Students Attend?

    Just curious, for those who went here in the 50's - 70's, the heyday of BBC, was there a church that most of the students attended? What church now do most of the students attend?
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    does anyone know what the enrollment is @ Grace?
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    Paul Vineyard

    A friend forwarded this to me today off of Paul Vineyard's FB page.... anyone know what he's talking about? Paul Vineyard Moving some ?Friends? to a new category- restricted. If you like all the garbage, gossip and lies about me, you aren?t really my friend!
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    "If you are going to violate our rules, go across the street and do it..."

    Dr. Evans would make a yearly announcement that if you violated a dating rule on campus or the properties of FBCH, you would receive twice the penalty... And if you committed fornication, you would be forever expelled... Does anyone else remember this?  What are your thoughts about this? If I...