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    I have a question

    This is going to be way out of the realm of anything you probably thought about today but here goes. During the Civil War there were battles with many men killed. Often times they had to quickly bury these men in unmarked graves. I read where there were times when they would come back and dig...
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    Final Approach

    I am not a businessman that travels a lot but have been able to fly quite a bit. When you are on a long flight you kind of try to look down and see something familiar because you know you will soon be home. Two years and one month ago I asked for prayer because my dad was supposed to die. He...
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    Couple Theological questions

    1. Is there any significance in Good Friday being on Friday? I always assumed that it is just a day that was set aside to remember the the day Christ was crucified. I have never understood how this could be three days and three nights in the grave. Some of the preachers go bonkers at this time...
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    Is anyone aware??

    Just curious if anyone else is aware and following the theatrics going on between Bob Gray and Sreven Anderson? They are boldly tweeting away and boldly hosting webinars and boldly you-tubing against each other.  Reminds me for all the world of two junior high bullies on a playground strutting...
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    It is Christmas Eve day. I am heading out to work for several hours. On Monday I will have to be at work again. I am not complaining because I actually like what I do and am glad I have work. Whenever Christmas falls on Sunday we are buried in articles, sermons, tweets, etc. about how church...
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    Fidel Castro

    Just  heard that Fidel Castro died sometime on Friday. I had heard a story years ago that he had gone to a Baptist church when he was small and the teacher didn't show up or something like that. I never knew if it was true or if it was just 'preaching'. Anyone else hear this?
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    Great News for NYC!

    I happened to see a man on TV yesterday (Filipino Pastor; forget his name) who said that the Father gave him a revelation. He said that the Father told him he was sending two angels to NYC to purify and clean it up. He said they are there now as I speak! Isn't that great? I have listened to...
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    Bears @ GB

    Since it has been a little slow on the fff I have decided to bring you the unbridled and unadulterated stuff on the game at Lambeau! (along with a couple of astute observations) Bears are plain old bad! (GB not really a lot better. 6-3 at the half?) First time I have been to a pro game in...
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    Neat little Story

    Many years ago (about 35) I was teaching in junior church and a little boy who is my nephew raised his hand for salvation. My first thought was that he must have misunderstood me or something like that. Just today he got me tickets to go up to Green Bay on Thursday night for Packers/Bears game...
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    Public Apology

    I need to apologize to Muhammed Ali. All these years I coudn't stand the arrogance and always claiming that he was the greatest. After reading the Sunday hit parade on facebook and twitter from the ifbx preachers, I now realize that Ali was not arrogant and did not brag. He was just sharing...
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    Numbering Question

    This may sound dumb but I really don't know the answer to this. I came from fbch in Hammond where numbers was the huge thing and they boasted numbers that were astronomical. When JH died and Schaap took over they determined that fbch only had half the attendance that they had boasted before and...
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    Warning to ATM users

    My bank recently switched ATM's. Several times I have noticed that when I drive up to the ATM, the previous screen is still up and says, 'Do you want another transaction?'. I would always press no and go on to my business. This morning the same screen was up and I was curious so I pressed yes. I...
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    Thai King James Bible?

    Just read from one of the missionaries to Thailand that they are having a ten year anniversary for the Thai King James Bible. Now; Does anyone else thing that is a little foolish to say a 'Thai King James Bible'? I just read an article where some guy said he believed even the punctuation and...
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    HAC Campus

    Is FBCH trying to sell the HAC campus or just a part of it?  Does anyone know? I think they have some kind of vote tonight.
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    College Football Fans

    As all of you undoubtedly know, the UW Badgers are opening their season on 9/3 against LSU at of all places.... Ready????? Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!! If there is anyone out there who would be willing to sell me their tickets to this game........? I know everyone wants to...
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    Letter of Intent

    Can anyone explain to me exactly what these are and supposed to mean. I have read in the paper for years about high school kids signing LOI for colleges and now Longview baptist temple college academy whatever has people sign a letter of intent. What does it mean? How binding is it? (how can a...
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    Breaking New!

    I wanted everyone to hear the story from me  before the NY times and USA Today gets ahold of this and messes it up. But, this past Sunday Raiders church had a guest speaker: Who has the absolute greatest father-in-law in the world!! Modesty will not allow me to tell you who that is.
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    Oh My goodness~!

    I got witnessed to today by a lady who would have put most of you hacker girls to shame. Was in their house and they had several bibles around and she was telling me what a blessing I was (I know). I asked her where they went to church and she started on and on about being raised catholic and...
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    Old Paths Conference

    Okay, I must admit that curiosity has gotten the better of me here. For the past several years Allen Domelle has put on and hosted an "old Paths conference" at Longview together with BG2. Every year there were glowing reports and pics, articles, etc. about how it went and how great it was. They...
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    KJV question

    I have heard most of my adult life about revisions to the kjv of the bible being only spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I just read an article that said there have been over 100,000 changes since the original 1611 was published. If there have been changes between the various revisions; does...