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    IFB Preacher Clips

    That's a pretty unambiguous racial slur. It just perpetuates the stereotype that Christians are racists. Tony Hudson apparently is for sure.
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    Contemporary Christian Music (again)

    Check out David Cloud's recent series. He even goes after majesty music and Ron Hamilton.
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    Contemporary Christian Music (again)

    Yeah, I think it's more like when you are making friends at work and they ask what kind of music do you listen to. Most of us are just going to say "Christian" music not "CCM" or "traditional hymns" (is that the opposite of CCM?). The general public doesn't make a distinction, in other words.
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    Contemporary Christian Music (again)

    This is a topic for another thread, but yeah Roman Catholics are Christians based on the definition of "Christian" given in the top 3 online dictionaries.
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    Contemporary Christian Music (again)

    Yeah most IFB churches that still use that label, reject CCM. Though as someone pointed out to me the other day - only IFB churches use the term CCM, everyone else just calls it Christian music.
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    FYI, Decades (or Centuries) Don't Start on Year "Zero".

    There's no year 0. So either the last decade of BCE had 9 years or the first decade CE had 9 years. Since it sounds silly to say that 1930 is part of the twenties, not the thirties, society seems to have collectively decided that decades will start with the common sense year.
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    The Great Tony Hutson

    It's sarcasm though, right? I always thought that TonyHutsonComedian an obvious Poe making fun of Tony Hutson. Do people take him seriously?
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    129 130 I apologise if I did not say it right. I'm not a scientist, but it was not my intent to mislead. I have noticed a tendency in Christians to ignore anything positive about transgender people and it baffles me.
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    I don't think I contradicted myself, I didn't even think that was being claimed. Anyway, what part do you not agree with?
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    This site explains it better than I can:
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    I don't think you understand current scientific understanding. Transgender humans are those who are female but have male chromosomes (and this male genitals) or males with female chromosomes (and thus female genitals). This isn't antiChriatian. The Bible is clear that we live in a fallen world...
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    People whose bodies are contrary to nature we help get better. Someone is born with the wrong number of chromosomes is not mentally ill, someone born with the wrong blood type is not mentally ill, sometime born with a tail is not mentally ill, someone born with the wrong genitals is not mentally...
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    This is an important story to anyone who is transphobic. Transgendered people just want to be the person their brain tells them they are, not the person their genitals tell them they are.  Notice how damaging it was to the person in this story to refuse to let them be their real self and force...
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    Effeminate Men?

    Apparently dressing stylishly is "effeminate and homosexual" if it isn't the style of 1950.  ::)
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    Andy Stanley: Throw Away The Bible!

    The New Testament is simply a collection of writings by professed Christians. It's strange to me that those of you in this thread that take a hard anti-Catholic stance would recognize the Catholic church's authority on what should be considered canon. There really isn't any specific evidence or...
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    If You Ain't Got Hymnals, You Apostate!

    The IFB church I grew up in had the Soul Stirring Songs and Hymns hymnal and regularly sang over 250 of the hymns. Which isn't all 500 but still, a large percentage. My wife and I were discussing the "hymns vs. contemporary songs on a screen" ideas the other day with a couple that was helping...
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    Anyone Know Either of These Two Losers?

    Thanks for the link,  I really enjoyed that. I graduated in 2002 so I was just ahead of the guy that was interviewed.  I remember him vaguely since he was a freshman my senior year.  But I could relate to his anecdotes for sure.  Great stuff!
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    Of course evolution is possible. Many Christians have no issue reconciling evolution with Genesis. Evolution =/= atheism
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    The Presidential Vote Update

    Call it whatever, but if you believe that God cares who wins the election then you can't also believe that you should vote unless you believe God is weak. Do you seriously believe God would want Trump to win and then get stymied because everyone votes for Clinton? I personally don't think God...