Jesus at the door


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Jan 7, 2018
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I was re-watching "The Chosen" the other night and in episode 2, there is a very moving scene. Mary, freed from her demons, is about to serve Shabbat dinner when there is a knock at her door. Not expecting anyone, she goes to the door and when she opens it, there stands Jesus. The scene still draws a tear from my eye, but this time I realized that this is what I want. Not to open my front door and see Jesus (though I would gladly go for that too), but to go to church and when I enter the sanctuary to feel the presence of the Lord; to hear the Holy Spirit in my soul as the speaker proclaims the scriptures. I have recently completed 50 years as a Christian and the times that this has happened has been too few and far between. I have heard good messages over the years; some challenging, some inspiring, but most just a repeat of someone else (who probably repeated someone else as well). If you are a pastor, I urge you to not prepare for this weeks sermons. Instead, just pray and pray and pray for Jesus to stand in the pulpit with you. Your people desperately need to hear from Heaven. I know I do.