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Jan 26, 2012
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Vince Massi said:
Izdaari said:
Vince Massi said:
My own desktop was custom-built here in Mexico. The vendor set a hard drive password and keeps it secret. That way, his customers can't foul up the BIOS and blame him.
A quick fix for that is replacing the hard drive. It'd cost a few bucks, but they're pretty cheap these days. And I'd never, ever use that vendor again.
A thousand pardons, Señora. I didn't explain myself adequately. We are very happy with this vendor, who has built us four computers over the years. I was carefully experimenting with the BIOS, when I found that none of my changes would remain.  no harm done.

On a technical forum I used to write for, there were several occasions in which a person voided his warranty and fouled up his computer by going into BIOS, and then he wouldn't admit it when he brought his computer in for repair.
If you're happy with it, no problem. For me, I could never accept not being able to change BIOS settings. It makes sense when dealing with novices. But I'm not one, and won't accept being treated like one. I don't need training wheels.