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for those of you curious as to the state of athletics at the school, I will be glad to fill you all in on the current you all know Randy Lee stepped aside as the basketball coach to be succeeded by Brac Brady, who took his place when he left Maine Machias for Texas Permain Basin.  Now he is at Temple, taking over a program that Randy has done one heck of a job rebuilding, but now it looks like we are starting over yet again, but with a good foundation in place.  Expect about 8-10 losses from the team for next yr as guys will be transferring, and deciding not to play for a new coach.  That is expected of any new coach.  And then there are players who decide to stay and see what the new guy is all about, and keep some stability in the program.  This time around, its probably not the case...the last 3 yrs the team played .500 ball, and it was a vast improvement over the 2 yrs previous to Randy coming in when the team only won 7 games in a 2 yr span.  So a new task begins this summer as the coach begins to build a team again from scratch, and recruit and see what he can come up with.  Expect losses next yr to Lee; only beat them once in the 6 games Randy coached against them..but this last yr was the most competitive of the series in quite awhile.  As for next season dont expect the new coach to come in and whip out 20 wins in his first season..just wont happen.  prob will lose 15+ next yr. 

Volleyball:  they have hired a new coach, have a young team, and had a great season in a long time as well.  I expect them to be competitive next fall, and hopefully the new coach can build a strong team, and have a decent season.  Guess we will see where this program will go...

Baseball:  Greg Bartley is in his second season as the skipper of this young Crusader team, and last season was one for the ages...had one of the lowest winning records in prob school history, going 6-40.  This year the team has improved quite a bit, but still young and learning, and dealing with much deeper teams around the region, and finished the regular season 14-35-1.  They tied Lee this year in baseball in the first time in a VERY long time.  Lee has NEVER had a tie game since their program was reinstated in 1997.  Lee destroyed us earlier in the season with 15-0, and 16-0 routs, and then in March we ended up in a 7-7 tie due to darkness, and the stadium management wouldnt allow the lights to be turned on so when it got too dark the game was called a tie.  So a great memory this year for the baseball team.  I expect them to be even better next yr if Greg stays on, and keeps recruiting decent talent, and maybe they could win over 20+ games next season.  They are coming along surely but slowly; rebuilding with any program takes time, but they are showing real progress, so this is a team to be on the watch out for...

Soccer:  the guys program is a real mess...last year they stumbled to a 2-17 season..the girls didnt do much better going 1-19.  So both programs are in real trouble right now with inexperience in the coaches, and recruiting not there...the guys get a new coach next season..and the girls are still with Coach Liburd.  Dont expect real improvement any time money for scholarships, and without good recruiting, and experienced coaching, these two programs will be stumbling for awhile........

Women's basketball:  Kenrick Liburd has finished his 3rd year as the coach of the team and this yr was one of his worst seasons since he became the coach..the team got blown out in just about every game and started out the year 0-16.  They finished the year 8-23.  Second semester the team picked up the pace quite a bit with an easy schedule, and the team playing hard, and had a .500 second half.  Hopefully they will pick up some good talent this fall, and pick up the pace from this last season...look for about 10-15 wins next season if they get lucky....

Softball:  The ladies started out a brand new program this spring, and as expected they didnt win but ONE game.  they played hard in alot of their games, but with teams like Lee and Bryan and other tough NAIA schools they faced they didnt have a chance.  They just finished a 1-40 season.  No joke...its sad, but i figured with a new program and a new coach, things wouldnt be very good, and maybe next season they can win a bit more then they did this yr...if most of the team stays and the coach dont give up and leave, and he can get some good players maybe they might have a better season next yr then this year...they win 10 next yr would be a HUGE improvement, but with anything you got to start out crawling and then start walking and then running.  They will be in the crawl phase for the next couple seasons i believe...but that is the current state of athletics at TTU, things look good right now, and excitement has sparked the campus with a new president starting his first full school term next fall; maybe Temple can get turned around and back to the fundamentals of the faith once again, and be that good Christian University that it was known when Dr. Roberson was the president.


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Mar 18, 2012
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I'm pretty sure with the residential programs be depreciated and morphed into online studies, that the athletic department will do the same. It is only a matter of time before teams become dissolved.

Maybe TTU should start up online multi-player sports teams?