Too few, too little..... hopefully not too late


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Mar 20, 2020
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1. Too few are really preaching the Gospel. They'd rather preach a social message that stirs people to return to "old paths". A period following World War 2 when we took pride in our victory "over evil". Not realizing that man's evil wasn't confined to our enemies..... but every man does what is right as it seems in "their own eyes"...... Or they preach a "new message" wherein there are no rules. No guilt. No mistakes. A message where love is nothing more than affection not seasoned with Godly qualities of infinite long suffering. A message where we only "love" those that love us.

2. Even when the Gospel is preached, too little finds it way into the mind of the hearer. Cast aside as foolishness. When the Gospel message is preached properly, it doesn't create factions. It doesn't make men unique so as to form "groups" all huddling in their own corners. All cheering the names of their feeble leaders. It doesn't create "big I's and little you's". All men equal in access and all men equal in guilt.

3. Is it too late? The irony of that question is the fact the average religious people just can't make the connection. The connection between the message of......... so few yet, the claims of so many. On the one hand, you have all these people talking about it being the "last of the last days"..... wherein so few will "get in". Contrast against, those SAME PEOPLE acting as if they're millions and millions, if not billions of true followers alive on the earth at this very moment.

Both can not be true.

Is it too late? I know those that believe in the "rapture" say.... they believe things can happen at any moment, but the Truth is..... life can end at any moment for anyone. While people are looking...... people are dying. Some people are so focused on the future that they can't see what is right before them.

The message from the begin has always been today. Today. Now is the accepted time.