Forum Rules and General Information.

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All forums are, essentially unmoderated. Users can register with the site, post to a forum, and the post is visible immediately. We assume no editorial responsibility for the content found on any forum. If you find any post objectionable, then you may report the post using the appropriate forum feature. You may ALSO contact the "admin" via PM or email. However, we will not edit/delete posts that do not break the forum rules.

We reserve the right to edit or delete any post for any reason. We also reserve the right to restrict forum user access or ban any user at any time for any reason. Trust us, this will very seldom, if ever, happen. We firmly believe that every belief must "stand up" to criticism. We all benefit from constructive criticism. We make the commitment to never restrict ideals, or purposely target anyone for any belief they may affirm.

If any illegal activity in the forums results in a subpoena being issued for identity information, we will comply with said subpoena.

Forums Rules are as follows.

1. No Spamming.
2. No Pornography or Nudity of any kind.
3. No Excessive Trolling
4. No Posting of Personal Information unless authorized by individual being referenced.
5. No Cursing of any kind will be tolerated. (if you have questions concerning a particular "word" or "phrase", ask before posting)
6. You are not allowed to use this forum to solicit members to a forum that is designed to undermine this forum.

These rules may be amended at anytime, for any reason, without prior consent of any forum member.

All the various entity names used on are trademarks of their respective entities. We do not officially represent any entity.

Not open for further replies.