Young Earth Creationism vs. Theistic Evolutionism


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Apr 29, 2017
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rsc2a said:
In summary, the statement by my worthy opponent that my priority is science and Scripture must be interpreted by what science says is incorrect.
That is not a very good position to take, seeing that Science often reverses "indisputable positions" once "Science" catches up.

One example would be a departure from a long-standing belief that (and I think you mentioned this in the debate) geological evidence of sedimentary layering was "proof positive of an extended history," whereas at this point, in large part due to ocean studies and simple observations during flooding, Geologists have lessened their dogmatic stance and admitted that sedimentary layering can indeed occur rather rapidly.

The study of Turbidity Currents reveals rapid formation of sedimentary layering, and when we consider that Science acknowledges vast amounts of land under water (i.e., the Cretaceous Seaway), and we have the Biblical Record of the recession of waters from land, the two, in my view, align with the Biblical Account.

God bless.