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    Still Viewing

    I pretty much well forgot about this  place! :-[
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    Kevin Woodruff

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    It is Finished!

    That seems to be true in this case
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    It is Finished!

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    It is Finished!

    Tennessee Temple University has closed it's doors permanently. Now you can name it Piedmont International University!
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    It is Finished!

    Tennessee Temple University Closes Its Doors After 70 Years
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    Where are they?

    There are facebook groups for Tennessee Temple, and the only reason why I was here posting much and that other forum in the past was over opposition of the Danny Lovett administration. Besides it was poor taste and immature on my part for those past actions. Would I do it again? I don't know!
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    Those who knew Ron Bishop at TTU

    I knew Ron Bishop; not personally. I watched him preach in chapel a few times. During Danny Lovett's short tenure, coach bishop preached wearing a Hawaiian style shirt, and said that he always wanted to dress down. Hyper-fundamentalists really killed the spirit there and prevented students from...
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    Temple relocation

    The new campus will probably be designed better to give students more room to think, not having sirens and neighborhood drama disturbing them. Moreover, dorms may have fewer students per bathing facilities. This link is a recent news story about the plan to go into action, with a map...
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    Statement of Reconciliation

    Dear TTU family, As part of our ten year reaccreditation process with TRACS, we have done some extensive surveying of the TTU constituency. The survey results have mirrored the feedback that I and other TTU leadership have received informally for the past two years. Very often there are...
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    Hello Forumites

    Just want to let ya'll know that I weighed in a little and read some.
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    Pastors on Facebook

    I'm considered worldly, and I too have deleted; not deactivated, but deleted my facebook account. After eight years of using that site, I have come to the conclusion that it was not serving a worthwhile purpose.
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    It has been awhile

    I have been browsing the web and decided to stop by a greet, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Isaiah 9:6
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    Tennessee Temple lists its property to sell at $19.6 million

    Not to my knowledge. Graduation last May, took place at Brainerd Baptist Church. However, I believe students are welcome to drive to Camp Joy and participate. TTU has a campus church, and use St. Andrews for chapel and maybe on Sundays too.
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    Tennessee Temple lists its property to sell at $19.6 million

    Tennessee Temple University, which announced plans on Sunday to discuss the possibilities of a move to the campus of Woodland Park Baptist Church in Tyner, will list almost its entire campus in Highland Park — more than 21 acres of property — for sale. The land, including 470,000 square...