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    David Hyles being sued

    Joy's high school principal, Larry Staab, is still there. Jamie Lapina was in high school with Joy and sang in the same Strength and Beauty singing group. HBHS teachers from the 70's are still in the church and may still teach at HB (Sharon Lewis and Gail Merhalski). Mrs Colsten was Joy's...
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    Yes...Eddie Lapina is still on staff. Joy's high school principal, Larry Staab, is still there. Two high school teachers from the 70's, Gail (McKinney) Merhalski and Sharon (Blythe) Lewis are still in the church and may still teach at HB. Jamie (Junkens) Lapina was a classmate with Joy and is...
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    Name of Apartments?

    The Meadows were directly north of the tracks from the church....many HAC families lived there in the 70's and 80's. I believe that Renaissance is the newer name for the same complex
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    Chris Stansell

    You may be thinking of John relation.
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    Chris Stansell

    Chris was one of the many caught in the infamous HAC tunnels.  As a student, though, I believe! Statue of limitations had run out for the "firing".
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    Deaths Of HAC Students

    Connie Gordon Connie S. Gordon 1/18/1954 - 7/13/2019 Connie Sue Gordon, 65, of Pekin, passed away at 5:15 p.m. Saturday, July 13, 2019 at her home. She was born January 18, 1954 in Peoria, Ilinois. I'm fairly certain that Connie graduated from HAC.  She, along with her family, were long time...
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    What year was this trio attending college?

    In the ?74-?75 school year, my classroom was across the hall from Miss Graves' classroom. I was in the hall and she came out of her class with one of her male fifth graders....and a paddle!  I don?t remember much from that school year, but I do remember the whipping that she administered and...
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    Can you hear the dueling banjos?....or dueling organs?

    To the HACers of the 70's and 80's, there were two organists at FBC/HAC....Mrs Colsten handled the church organ duties and Mrs Godfrey handled the college organ duties.  Now, both are 80 years old and still at the organ. Dyer Baptist, where the Godfreys attend, recently started live streaming...
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    Question about HAC/FBC Auditoriums?

    I've heard Bro Hyles say that also that they were on the outer wall of the whole building.  I think that the old cross from the 1964 auditorium was moved to the rescue mission on Calumet Avenue,  and then the mission burned down.  That cross was somewhat at an angle in the baptistery, and Bro...
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    Question about HAC/FBC Auditoriums?

    I remember the first service in the "doubled" auditorium in 1975 after meeting in the Civic Center for the winter and the large red curtain that covered the baptistery.  I really liked the cross that was in the baptistery in the 1964 auditorium......I'm glad that FBC chose to bring back a...
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    Wow, Another one bites the dust

    HAC student don't grope in public, let alone in front of a camera........only in the TUNNELS!
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    Phones and tablets

    A fellow in front of me yesterday morning used his tablet for scripture reading and taking notes during the sermon. I found it extremely distracting to myself....I found myself looking at his tablet to see if he was gaming, texting, etc. Also, a few years back during a Christmas presentation in...
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    HAC 2018 Graduation. 71 graduates

    Were any honorary doctorates given at this  graduation?
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    The Name "Beverly"

    I've heard, from a very good source,  that Toby Weaver's legal name is Beverly.  He and George Beverly Shea are the only two males that I know of with that in their first or middle name.
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    The craziest thing I saw at HAC/FBCH

    This story I never heard long ago are we talking?  I remember two superintendents of Junior High I, Hazel Ruzkowski and Donna Johnson, and I can't believe that those two ladies would've turned a blind eye.  Both ladies were extremely good superintendents and both very vocal and...