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An encouraging sign...
« on: April 09, 2013, 08:52:02 AM »
Although I posted the letter TO LMurphrey, I did not endorse it. It did touch on one aspect of life at FBC that was accurate. One of you called it 'class envy' and Miss Jenny did come off that way...but I submit - there are definite classes at FBC and you know your class. There is a definite hierarchy, starting at the top with the First Family, on down through tiers of staff, on to inner-circle church members, ending with the hoi-polloi.

I thought it very sad, but sadly typical, that Miss Jenny still seems to feel the sting of having been labeled (by her PASTOR) as a second-class girl. The Baptist caste system, in full effect.

I am certain the caste system still exists. We suffer from Someone-itis here. Some people are 'someone' when most are no one.

Sunday night an announcement was put on the pulpit. The birthday (not  'big' birthday like 80 but a regular birthday like 47) of a more prominent, inner-circle person was that day. The new pastor recognized and congratulatec the birthday person. Then the pastor asked, "Is anyone else celebrating a birthday today or this week? Please stand and we'll sing to you!" Which we did. And at least to me, the message was clear. And refreshing, for being so different. 'And the common people heard him gladly..."


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Re: An encouraging sign...
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I hope you aren't reading in to that too much, for the sake of Christ's bride, on Sibley Street.  I hope the intent was there to send a message.
Praise God if it is so.